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  Memory - The mental function of retaining information about stimuli, events, images, ideas etc.
Memory and the Mind

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Memory - General
Atkinson and Shiffrin´s Model - Atkinson and Shiffrin´s model Sensory memory Short-term or working memory Long-term memory. A Slide Show. 4/5
Amnesia and Cognition Unit, University of Arizona 3/5
Autobiographical Memory - Autobiographical memory contains information about yourself, and about personal experiences. 3/5
Everyday Memory (Human Memory) - Good links resources.  3/5
Flashbulb Memories - Where Were You Then? - From the Memory ExpansionSite. 3/5
Long-Term Working Memory - That generates associations forming a new memory structure connected to most of the ....  An Article.  3/5
Mathematical Models of Memory - Which include: Theory of Distributed Associative Memory, Search of Associative Memory, The Matrix Model,  The List Strength Effect,  A SAM Simulator,   A MATRIX Model Simulator,   and A TODAM Simulator.  4/5
MDMA & Its Effects on Memory Research - An Overview of Current Research - 2/28/00 by Erowid. 3/5
Memory in Chains: Modeling Primacy and Recency Effects in Memory. 3/5
Memory Is Malleable Under Anesthesia - From the Doctors Guide. 3/5
New Theoretical Framework For Explicit and Implicit Memory - An Abstract.  3/5
Primacy-Recency - A line of message strategy research deals with the order that the most important elements in the message should occupy. The order of information not only has an impact on retention but also on attitude change. The researcher has demonstrated a primacy effect if the element placed first in the message has the greatest effect. 3/5
SARMAC - The Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition - The purpose of SARMAC (The Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition).  3/5
'Smart mice' offer clues to memory studies - March 16, 200. An Article. 3/5
The Effect of the Environment on Memory - An Abstract.  3/5
PDF Theories of Forgetting - Decay Theory, Consolidation Theory, Interference Theory,Retrieval Failure, Repression. 3/5
False Memory
British False Memory Society - Here is an opportunity to review the controversy surrounding "recovered memories" and false accusations of childhood sexual abuse.  3/5
False Memory Reading Group - The reading group meets on a weekly basis to discuss recent articles of interest to the lab. Members of the reading group include the graduate students, affiliated graduate students and thesis students in the lab as well as other interested parties. We've been able to make the lab reading group both educational and fun by following a fairly straightforward format.  3/5
False Memory Syndrome - Creating Memories Part One "Christian psychologists" follow the theories of secular theorists and they pick up certain ideas and treat them as truth. One set of currently popular psychological notions is that people repress impulses.  3/5
The False Memory Syndrome & your Recovery. - Ann Veilleux, MSSW There has been a lot of media coverage about what has been called "false memory syndrome," a situation where adults mistakenly believe they have been abused in their childhood.  3/5
Recovered Memories
Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse   3/5
Recommended Books:
Essentials of Human Memory
Memory Disorders for Clinicians
Development of Implicit and Explicit Memory
Essentials of Human Memory (Cognitive psychology) (Paperback)
by Alan D. Baddeley (Author) "I have a terrible memory ..."
The Essential Handbook of Memory Disorders for Clinicians (Paperback)
by Alan D. Baddeley (Editor), Michael Kopelman (Editor), Barbara A.
Wilson (Editor) "The concept of human memory as a unitary faculty
began to be seriously eroded in the 1960s with the proposal that long-term
memory (LTM) and..."
The Development of Implicit and Explicit Memory (Advances in Consciousness Research) ( Paperback) by Carolyn Rovee-Collier (Author), Harlene Hayne (Author), Michael Colombo (Author)
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