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- Generally a mood state characterized by a sense of inadequacy, a feeling of despondency, a decrease in activity or reactivity, pessimism, sadness and related symptoms.

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  Depression General (Unipolar)
PsychNet-UK Depression Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
Blue Genes and the Monoamine Hypothesis of Depression - Blue Genes and the Monoamine Hypothesis of Depression. Stephen M. Stahl, MD, Ph.D.  An Article.  3/5
Component Analysis of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Depression - An Article. 3/5
Cyber Psychologist - Methods for Helping People Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression.  3/5
Depression Central - Good site with a lot of valuable information. 4/5
Depression Guide - This easy-to-understand, sympathetic guide deals with the entire range of feelings and emotions, and shows that depression has many different forms as well as degree of severity with treatment options. 2/5
Depression Recovery for Life - Unique resources for people recovering from depression including the Depression Antidotes Newsletter archive, inspirational poetry, depression test directory, coaching programme information, personal story, ebook, free Depression Check List, etc. 3/5
Dr. Ivan's Deprssion Central - Electroconvulsive Therapy - E.C.T.  4/5
Exercise Better Than Drugs For Depression. - An Article. 3/5
Haveaheart's Home - Articles on Depression by Stephen L. Bernhardt.  4/5
History and Evolution of the Monoamine Theory of Depression - History and evolution of the monoamine hypothesis of depression by Hirschfeld RM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Texas.  3/5
Homocysteine, folate, methylation, and monoamine metabolism in depression - By Bottiglieri T, Laundy M, Crellin R, Toone BK, Carney MW, Reynolds EH. Department of Neurology, King's College Hospital, London, UK. 3/5
How did pre-twentieth century theories of the aetiology of depression develop? - By Mead Mathews. An Article 3/5
Hypericum & Depression - Welcome to the Hypericum (St. John's Wort) & Depression Home Page.  3/5
Seasonal Depression and Light Therapy - By Michael A. Ferenczi - Physical Biochemistry. An Article. 3/5
The Burden of Recurrent Depression - Causes, Consequences, and Future. An Article. 3/5
Medical Nursing & Training - Depression Can Be Conquered - A List of Web Resources. 3/5
Mixed Nuts Depression Community - We are a depression chat forum featuring a message board and information on depression, depressive disorders, bipolar disorder manic depression, medications, side effects and treatments for depression. We created Mixed Nuts as a haven for people who suffer from depression and need to be with others who understand the problems associated with depression. Depression can be devastating effecting your life, your job and the lives of others around you. 3/5
 National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association - Depression and Bipolar Disorders 3/5
Psychology Information Online -   Depression - Depression is one of the most common psychological problems, affecting nearly everyone through either personal experience or through depression in a family member. Each year over 17 million American adults experience a period of clinical depression.  3/5
S.A.D. - Seasonal Affective Disorder, Winter Depression, The Winter Blues. 3/5
SADAssociation - The world's longest established support organisation for Seasonal Affective Disorder. 3/5

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - Is different from the winter blahs. Like many people, you may experience cabin fever during the winter. You may also tend to eat more and sleep more. But SAD goes well beyond this. It's a type of depressive disorder. 3/5

The BluePages™ - Provides information about depression for consumers. It is produced by the Centre for Mental Health Research (CMHR) at the Australian National University (ANU) & CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences (CMIS) with the assistance of an Advisory Board,110 Ltd. 4/5
  The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba - The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba was founded in Winnipeg in 1983 as a self-help organization in order to provide support, information, and education to those afflicted and their loved ones, helping them to understand and accept their illness, its treatment and their role in recovery.  3/5
  Treatment for Depression - Drug: Reboxetine. - From The NHS Website. 3/5
  Treatment-Resistant Depression - Mood Disorders - Many Good links to this subject. 3/5
WalkersWeb - Information and Support for Depression and Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) 4/5
Wings of Madness - Depression - An excellent resource covering all areas of depression. 3/5
  Major Depression
PsychNet-UK Major Depression Information Sheet - Description, Causation, Treatment, Associated Features, Differential Diagnosis etc.
  Escitalopram, New Generation Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, Promising In Major Depressive Disorder. An Article. 3/5
Partial validation of the atypical features subtype of major depressive disorder - By Posternak MA, Zimmerman M. Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University School of Medicine, Rhode Island Hospital, 235 Plain St, Suite 501, Providence, RI 02905, USA. Arch Gen Psychiatry 2002 Jan;59(1):70-6. 3/5
Recurrent Major Depression Involves Significant Genetic, Environmental Impact on Family Members. - An Article. 3/5
Reboxetine - Double-blind, placebo-controlled study with reboxetine in inpatients with severe major depressive disorder 3/5
Recommended Books:
Coping with the Seasons: Therapist Guide: A Cognitive-behavioral Approach to Seasonal Affective Disorder: Therapist Guide Treatments That Work)
Mind Fall: Inside Major Depression :
Coping with SAD (Overcoming Common Problems)
Coping with the Seasons: Therapist Guide: A Cognitive-behavioral Approach to Seasonal Affective Disorder: Therapist Guide reatments That Work) (Paperback) by Kelly Rohan (Author)

Mind Fall: Inside Major Depression : A Story of Survival & A Medical Perspective (Paperback) by Lynn Shahan (Author), Anna-Lisa Stonehill (Author)
Coping with SAD (Overcoming Common Problems) (Paperback) by Fiona Marshall (Author), Peter Chevers (Author)
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