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Pain Management - Counselling and Therapy designed to equip clients achieve psychological coping patterns in an effort to relieve or control psychical pain.
Pain Management

Cancer Pain - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - CBT - From Cancer Treatment Guidelines. 3/5
Gate Control Theory of Pain - Article.  3/5
Modern Ideas - The Gate Control Theory of Pain. 3/5
MorphiDex (MS:DM) Double-Blind, Multiple-Dose Studies in Chronic Pain Patients - ByKatz NP. Brigham & Women's Hospital, Pain and Management Center, Boston, MA 02115, USA. J Pain Symptom Manage 2000 Jan;19. 3/5
National Discussion - Pain Management - Forum and community for UK Nurses, Doctors, and Allied Professionals with an interest in acute, chronic, or palliative Pain Management. 3/5
NeuroStim Pain Theories - Neurostimulation and the Nervous System Theories of Pain The means by which neurostimulation influences the intact nervous system to produce pain relief is not known.  2/5
PainLink Home, A Pain Management Resource - PainLink is a virtual community of health professionals working in institutions that are committed to alleviating pain. An initiative of Education Development Center, Inc., PainLink was established in 1995 with funding from The Mayday Fund of New York City, which funded PainLink through 1999. Since 1995, PainLink has worked with over 60 hospitals and nursing homes.  5/5
Pain Management Online - The web site for the ADVANCED PAIN DIAGNOSTIC and TREATMENT CONSULTANTS (APDTC) APDTC is an association of independent pain treatment physicians. See our physicians for the list.If you are a pain management professional and would like to join please Email Eugene Lipov MD. 5/5
Pain Net - Pain Net, Inc. was developed by physicians, educators, and business professionals, to provide educational and support services to physicians, and other health care professionals throughout the nation.  3/5  Slow
Pain Research & Management - Pulsus Group Inc. is a privately owned Canadian company based in Oakville, Ontario, approximately 30 km west of Toronto. The Company was formed in March of 1984, primarily to publish peer reviewed medical journals. 3/5
The Pain Gate Control Theory - The Gate Control Theory was initially proposed in 1965 by Melzack and Wall based on the fact that small diameter nerve fibres carry pain stimuli through a 'gate mechanism' but larger diameter nerve fibres going through the same gate can inhibit the transmission of the smaller nerves carrying the pain signal. Chemicals released as a response to the pain stimuli also influence whether the gate is open or closed for the brain to receive the pain signal. This lead to the theory that the pain signals can be interfered with by stimulating the periphery of the pain site, the appropriate signal-carrying nerves at the spinal cord, or particular corresponding areas in the brain stem or cerebral cortex. Complementary Therapists need to concern themselves with the first 2 options in order to effectively modify the pain signal. 3/5
The Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain - An Article. 3/5
Recommended Books:
Pain Management
Pain Management
Manage Your Pain
Pain Management (Essential Clinical Skills for Nurses)
(Paperback) by Eileen Mann (Author), Eloise Carr (Author)
"The experience of pain permeates the world of every living soul ..."

Pain Management: From Basics to Clinical Practice
(Paperback) by John Hughes (Author)

Manage Your Pain (Paperback) by Michael Nicholas; Allan Molloy; Lois Tonkin; Lee beetson (Author)
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