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Substance Related Disorders -
Basically, an addiction to a substance.
Substance Related Disorders

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Alcoholism - (Dipsomania)
    ADIC - Effects of Alcohol Intoxication - A Check List.  2/5
Alcohol Addiction: A Psychobiological Approach - Pat Jones, MS,RN,CS 3/5
Alcohol Addiction - Intervention - Alcohol Addiction - Intervention. Intervention resources for alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, computer addiction, other. Intervention for addiction - alcohol, drug, gambling, computer. Intervention Center Helping People Accept Help Home Site Map Family Intervention Executive.  3/5
Alcoholics Anonymous - A self help organisation offering sound advice and support. Also in French and Spanish versions. 4/5
Alcohol Concern - UK  - This site contains information about the work of Alcohol Concern, copies of our press releases, fact sheets and other publications as well as news about what is happening in the alcohol field and links to useful websites. The site also allows users to search our library database and services directory and order publications from our on-line bookshop.  4/5
Alcohol Dependance: ICD-10 Diagnostic Guidelines - From Internet Mental Health.  4/5
Alcohol-Related Problems: Recognition and Intervention - Severe medical, psychologic or social problems related to alcohol use. Even in these circumstances, resistance to direct advice is likely.   An Article 3/5
Anger Management in Sobriety - By Thomas Hollander, Ph.D. - An article from Self Help Magazine. 3/5
Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous - Not an official AA site. 2/5
Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit - A Fetal Alcohol Syndrome research unit headed by Dr. Ann Streissguth, Universityof Washington - School of Medicine. We have an International list of support groups and we also list international FAS/E conferences as they come up - FAS is 100% preventable.  4/5
Dexamphetamine Sulphate - A drug that acts directly on the brain as a stimulant (see amphetamines). In adults it is used to treat narcolepsy (an extreme tendency to fall asleep). 3/5
Dexamphetamine Sulphate - Specification. 3/5
Dexamphetamine substitution in the treatment of amphetamine abuse: an initial investigation - By White R Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, University College Medical School, Whittington Hospital, London, UK. 3/5
Caffeine-Induced Organic Mental Disorder - The consumption of caffeine, especially in the forms of coffee and tea, cola, chocolate, and cocoa, is ubiquitous in the United States. Other common sources of caffeine are over-the-counter analgesics, cold preparations, and stimulants. Although the existence of a caffeine withdrawal headache is well established, the syndrome is not severe enough to warrant clinical attention.  3/5
Methamphetamine FAQ, Drug Use, The effects of Methamphetamine, Meth, Ice, Speed. - From the Koch Crime Institute.  4/5
Psychopharmacology of Caffeine. - Results of a MedSearch by Ivan Goldberg MD.  3/5

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