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  Oppositional Defient Personality Disorder - A disorder usually diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood or Adolescence  and is characterised by a defiant, hostile negativistic behaviour.

A Mother's Story - Compelling and disturbing chronological account of a mother's trials with a son, and family, suffering from defiant and conduct disorder.
Behavior Disorder Booklist - A list of books about oppositional defiant disorder and other childhood and early adolescence discipline disorders
Behavioural Problems and Conduct Disorder -  RCPsych (UK)
Bulletin Board - Join others who have experiences to share and questions to ask concerning oppositional defiant disorder.
Conduct and Personality Disorders - Book recommendations, and phone contacts for conduct and personality disorders from Holland Cross Psychology Services.
Diagnosis and Treatment of ODD -  American and European definitions of ODD, treatments for the disorders, and related publications from Internet Mental Health.
IAY - Read information from, order videos, and find out about seminars from the Institute for the Study of Antisocial Behavior in Youth
Medicine Program - Information and application for qualified parents who can receive free or discounted medication for kids suffering from oppositional disorders
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
ODD Forms of Treatment - Learn the basics of medication and psycho social treatment options for children suffering from oppositional defiant
Toughlove International - Read details of international network and support group for parents with children suffering behavioral problems. Includes success stories

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