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- The period of development marked at the beginning by the onset of puberty and at the end of the attainment of physiological or psychological maturity.
Teenagers and Ado;escents

Adolescence: Change and Continuity - Adolescence is a time when our bodies, our families, our schools, and the larger society demand that we change. This website provides an introduction to some of the developmental changes that shape our lives between puberty and the end of college. Although each life unfolds in its own unique pattern, this site provides information about basic changes, settings, and issues that are particular to the teenage years. 4/5
Adolescence Directory On Line (ADOL) - Adolescence Directory On Line (ADOL) CONTENTS: Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL) is an electronic guide to information on the Internet about adolescent.  3/5
Adolescent Dating: When Is the Right Time? - By Ryan Fink. An Article. 3/5
Advice for Gay / Bi Sexual Teens - It is estimated that 10% of the American population is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. It is widely believed that sexual orientation is pre-determined at birth and it cannot be changed. God makes some people gay and some people straight. Consider it balance; not of good and evil, but of straight and gay. Gays have always had a hard time being accepted in society. They have faced constant physical and verbal abuse and an alarming suicide rate. In fact, 46% of gay teens attempt suicide.   3/5
Ann Rose's Ultimate Birth Control Link Page The goal of this page is to provide extensive links to as much information as possible for individuals of all ages to make informed decisions about sexual activity and potential childbearing.  3/5
Are you an ALCOA - Adult Child of an Alcoholic. - Take this quiz and see just how much their drinking has affected your adult life. 2/5
Averting Aids & HIV - AIDS & HIV information including news statistics young peoples section treatment and lots more.  4/5
Birth Control and Contraception for Teenagers Contraception and birth control methods suitable for teens are described included the condom, the contraceptive pill, and injectable methods.  4/5
  Boot Camps For Troubled Teens - Boot camps for troubled teens for parents who are looking for parent resources available for struggling teens. Get aware of information relating to teen boot camps alternatives with us. A US site. 3/5
Bullying Online - Full of advice, information and related links. Good resource 4/5 
Coalition for Positive Sexuality - You have the right to complete and honest sex education. Demand information from your school, healthcare provider and parents. 3/5
DisabilityCentral - DATING! - Just the mention of this word can cause stress. When you have a disability or are dating someone with a disability, the stress is even greater. If this sounds like Your Experience, then come to THE DATING CHAT. All dating singles are welcome here. Pretty much all of us need advice about this dating thing, whether or not we have a disability. Meet me, Kate Zecchini, theRelationship Editor at @ctiveTeen Chat and hop on in to the dating room on the1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 6:00. 3/5
Fresh Direction Online - is a information resource and lifestyle guide for university students. It’s packed full of essential info that students need to read, with irreverent but informative features on sex, drugs, health, money, travel, accommodation, cooking and loads, loads more. There are great prizes to be won with FD Online competitions plus pages of lively debate on Fresh Forums where students can join in and have their say. 3/5
Friends First Promotes sexual abstinence until marriage. Site is full of resources on teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, illegitimacy, benefits of marriage, and character education.  3/5
How to Kiss. - Do we need to say more? 3/5
Mental Health Risk Factors for Adolescents (ADOL) - Risk Factors for Adolescents. This collection ... helpful. 4/5
Peer Pressure - An Article from NeoFacts. 3/5
Report Examines Girls' Struggles with Sexuality, Peer Pressure, and Body Image. 3/5
Resources on Adolescence - Resources on Adolescence. Compiled by Myron Pulier. The Children, Youth, and Family Consortium. Missing Children Database.  3/5
Revision and Exam Stress - Self-help page on stress management & study skills from Imperial College, London.  3/5
Safer Sex From a former editor at Sassy magazine comes this straightforward site that tells you about contraception and what safer sex is and isn't. 3/5
Society for Research in Adolescence PeerSIG - PeerSIG. Society for Research in Adolescence Special Interest Group in Peer Relations. This site is a place to exchange ideas.   3/5
Struggling Teens - Easily available consultants Help for troubled teens, boarding Schools for troubled teens. We offer both wilderness training and academic training for troubled teens. This is a US based service. 3/5
Students, Alcohol, and Drugs - Alcohol and drug use among students is a serious problem. Campus environments are often seen as encouraging not only use but abuse. Binge-drinking (drinking to get drunk, usually considered at least four drinks on any occasion) is one form of substance abuse that is very common among students. 3/5 - Database of real world insults and comebacks, to teach kids emotional intelligence and street smarts. Specific ways to disarm mean people and bullies, so that everyone saves face.  2/5
Teen Suicide Theme Page. - This "Theme Page" has links to resources related to the study of Teen Suicide. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. 3/5
Teenage Phobias and Fears  - Run by Nina to help other teens.   2/5
The Young Offenders Act Parents' Page - REPORT OF YOUTH COURT DISPOSITIONS PROVINCIAL COURT (FAMILY DIVISION) BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA APRIL 1, 2022 TO MID-1994 - The actual sentence imposed in any case will depend upon a number of factors. Please consult your lawyer so that you can carefully prepare for sentencing. More information about the Young Offenders Act is available at The Great Young Offenders act Debate.   2/5
What is peer pressure and how does it effect me? - Your "peers" are people of your age and social group-your friends, schoolmates and maybe co-workers and neighbors. "Pressure" means a push or force. So, put together, "peer pressure" means a push coming from the people you tend to hang out with. 3/5

What You Need To Know About Gay Teen Suicide.  3/5

White Ribbon Campaign - Raising Awareness about Gay-Teen Suicide And remembering those who we've lost. 3/5
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