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-  Specializes in the guidance in marital problems, drug abuse, vocational selection and community work.
Counselling Psychology

Academy of Counseling Psychology - American Board of Professional Psychology's Website. Division of Counseling Psychology Website. 4/5
African Counselling Network - This is the web site of the African Counselling Network. Anyone may join the Network who is interested in the development of counselling in the African context.  4/5
Anger Management - Readable and practical. Most people find this leaflet very helpful. From the American Psychologist.   3/5
Anger Management Techniques, Managing Anger - Select A Topic Angry Children Divorce/Conflict Spirituality Angry Parents Police/Prison Workplace Anger Teacher Workshop One out of five Americans has an anger management problem. Anger is a natural human emotion and is nature's way of empowering us. 3/5
Arousal Control - Find out about: Why arousal matters, Reducing arousal level, Raising arousal level, Arousal control strategy. 3/5
Barnabus - Types of Counseling - A description of counselling techniques with a fair links page.   3/5
Bilingual Families Web Page - Information for people in multi-language families.  2/5
Brief Outline of Meaning Centred Counselling and Therapy (MCCT). 3/5
CCEF Home Page Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation - Welcome to CCEF - the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation!. from a Christian perspective.  Welcome to CCEF - the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation!. Conseling from a Christian perspective.  3/5
Co-Counselling - Co-counselling is a process through which people in pairs take turns listening to each other's distress, helping them release trapped emotional energy, so that they become freer to see... An Article. 2/5
Co-Counselling (UK) Homepage - Co-Counselling International (UK) Co-Counselling International (UK) What is Co-Co? FAQ Contacts (UK) Contacts (world) Teachers Trainings History Miscellaneous Manuals 3/5
Code of Ethics and Practice for Counsellors -These Codes ceased to be effective as of 31 March 2002. All members of BACP are now bound by the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, which became effective as of 1 April 2002. New Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics for Social Work - From the Britsih Association of Social Workers 3/5
Coping, - - Tools for Coping with a Variety of Life's Stressors.  2/5
Crisis Intervention Resource Manual 4/5
Cross-cultural Counseling In Disaster Settings -The Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies. 3/5
Couselling - A professional body with own code of conduct and independent complaints procedure. National register of UK Counsellors. NHS National Independent Provider Code 8G919. 3/5
Counselling Directory - This website is a support network of UK counsellors and psychotherapists, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling covered, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential and easy to use. 3/5
Counselling in Mediation Psychology - This is a Professional Site Focusing on Meditation Psychology and Offering Education Instruction, Inspiration, and Counseling in the Practical Applications of Meditation Therapy for the Health, Healing, and Spiritual Growth of Your Everyday Life and Interpersonal Relationships.  2/5 - Is inspired by the belief that open access to information about counselling and psychotherapy helps clients to make more informed choices and helps practitioners to develop the services they provide. 4/5
CounselorLink - Providing practical but hard-to-find info on counseling and psychotherapy.  2/5
Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page - Types of Therapies / Counseling 4/5
Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health - Under Construction  3/5
Help Horizons - is a safe and supportive environment in which to learn more about successfully meeting life's challenges and to communicate with mental health professionals through secure e-mail, chats, and videoconferencing.  3/5
How to Deal with Loneliness - Above will most likely help cope better with those feelings. If you find that you are having difficulty dealing with feelings of loneliness on your own.  Article.  3/5


ICounseling - A Human Touch - A Human Touch offers clients help in real time in a private counselling room. There is a secure messaging service to support clients between sessions. We deal with a whole range of issues, including stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, bereavement, addictions, loss of self esteem, childhood sexual abuse, rape, disability issues and depression. 4/5
International Association for Counselling (incorporating IRTAC)  3/5
Long Distance Relatinships - Your Guide to Long Distance Relationships. 3/5
Overcoming Low Self-Esteem - A Cognitive Perspective by Melanie Fennell. An Article. 3/5
Philosophical Counseling - The Philosophical Counseling Web Site. What is Philosophical Counseling? an overview of philosophical practice and counseling based in Israel. 4/5
Philosophical Counseling - This page provides links to websites specializing in the growing discipline of philosophical counseling. Philosophical counseling emerged in Europe in the 1980's and has begun attracting American practitioners in the 90's. 3/5 - Welcome to Want to know more about counselling and  therapy? See FAQ’s or Books Selection. 3/5
Thoughts on Self-Respect (Eugene Narrett) April, 1999 - An Article.  3/5
Tim LeBon's - Philosophy, Counselling, Pyschotherapy and Personal Development Pages  2/5
Whitfields' Recovery Resource Portal - The Whitfields are well-known for their timely and helpful information on recovery from abuse, trauma, addiction, PTSD and other disabling core problems. While visiting this site you can listen to streaming audio of Charles' seminars and Barbara's talks, take self-assessments, participate in surveys, securely purchase their best-selling books and more. 2/5
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