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   Sexual Matters - Sexual behavior and sexuality in a Counselling environment.

Are You a Sexual Addict? 12 Questions

Coalition for Positive Sexuality
Men and Women, Sex and Love - In most societies, little girls are taught that sex is bad. The fact is, "good girls" do, but that early training can add guilt to the experience; from your Mining Co. Guide
Recovering from Rape
Sex Directory - A universal guide to safer sex from the U.K. emphasizing condom use
Sexual Selection and Mate Choice
SCI Sexual Health Resource Site - Information about changes in sexual health and fertility after brain and spinal cord impairment.
Sheffield Centre for HIV Sexual Health
The Psychology of Sex and Gender
The Safer Sex Page!
Your Sex Coach - Dr Patti Britton - Your on-line resource for information and advice on human sexuality.
Sex Directory - A universal guide to safer sex from the U.K. emphasizing condom use
Sexual Abuse of Males - An essay by clinical psychologist Jim Hopper.
Viagra Craze - A Time magazine cover story
Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot
Female Sexuality
Some Women Can Think Their Way to Sexual Ecstacy.
Journals, Books and Other Information.
A Closer Look at Sex and Love Addictions - By Coralie Scherer Ph.D. and Al Cooper Ph.D
Good Sex in Long Term Relationships - By Jeanne Shaw Ph.D
Good Sex Is Good For You - By Anthony Fiore Ph.D.

OralCaress - Adult sexuality self help books and videos (international shipping)
Seven Weeks to Sexual Heaven - By Dagmar O'Conner Ph.D.
Sexuality and Sex Therapy - A Three Part Article by Edward A. Dreyfus Ph.D
Spicing Up Your Sex Life - By Mark Weisner Ph.D.
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