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Sexuality & Sexual Relationships -  The following link are concerned with human sexual relationships, sexual techniques and practices.
Sexuality and Relationships

For Males
All About My Penis - Males sexual health and sexuality penis size, small penis, large penis and any other questions you may have about genitalia size. Subjects here are discussed frankly and openly.  4/5
Anatomy of the Penis and Mechanics of Intercourse - Anatomy of the Penis, Mechanics of Intercourse.  4/5
Circumcision Fact - Tiemstra JD. Factors affecting the circumcision, psychological nature and what it involves. Adult circumcision. Religious circumcision. Circumcision Information Resource Centre Montreal Canada. This site is still under construction. 2/5
Confidential Male Sexuality Information - Questions, Answers, Personal Experiences about Heterosexuality, Homosexuality, Masturbation, Sex, Sexual Preference, and Sexuality .3/5
Impotence and Adult Circumcision - Adult circumcision and an interplay between circumcision and these other factors. Nevertheless, it is recommend psychological evaluation be undertaken. An Article. 3/5
Male Sexual Anatomy - The Foreskin - This site contains pictures and diagrams therefore caution is advised. 3/5 - A site full of questions from men and boys about every aspect of sex, sexual health, penis worries, penis health, masturbation and teen sexuality. Written by a sexual counsellor in response to queries sent to  3/5
Penile Injection Therapy FAQ - Penis Enlargement Techniques - A Question and Answers page. 3/5
Penis Anatomy - Although the penis is a rather ordinary, everyday organ (at least for about 50% of the population), it is surprising how little some people know about this part of the body. 3/5
Phimosis, Adult Circumcision and Buried Penis - However, the risks of psychological trauma.  An Article.  3/5
Priapism - Is a condition in which a male develops a permanent erection. If your erection lasts for an unusual period of time and is unrelated to sexual contact, go directly to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. Although this can be a potentially embarrassing situation, waiting to correct priapism may result in permanent damage. 2/5
Psychological Impact of Circumcision - An Article by R Goldman the Circumcision Resource Clinic. 3/5
Recent Medical Studies on Circumcision. - These psychological factors affect professionals The Psychological Impact of and  Consequences of Circumcision Trauma in Adult Men.  3/5
Sperm Competition in a Nutshell. - A short article.  3/5
The Medical Diary - PRIAPISM -This site is a medical resource for anyone who is curious about priapism, those that are concerned about the issue or have problems with priapism and wish to find out more about this medical issue. 4/5
Understanding Male Sexuality - The basic plumbing and electrical system of male sexuality works.  A long and detailed essay on all aspects of male sexuality. An Article.  3/5
Welcome to - Your Urology Community - With age It causes a reduction in blood flow to penis affecting  the firmness of the penis. Physical causes, psychological factors cannot be overlooked.  5/5
For Females
All About My Vagina - A excellent site covering female health sexuality.  Discussion topics are  frank and to the point.  4/5
Ask The Surgeon - Breast Enlargement - Complications of breast enlargement? Full questions and answers page.  4/5
Coital Alignment Technique - (CAT) is a sexual position "designed" to greatly improve a woman's chance of orgasm with genital intercourse. 2/5
Female Ejaculation - Debunking the Sexual Myth. An Article. 3/5
Girls and Women have Orgasms During Sexual Dreams (Sleep). - An Article. 3/5
Go Ask Alice!  Shave Your Pubic Hair? - A Questions and Answer Page. 3/5
Institutionalizing Shame - The Depiction of Menstruation in Advertising. An Article. 3/5
Sexuality Education - A Woman's Guide to Sexuality - A basic guide to understanding sexuality. From the Human Sexuality Web.  5/5 - A site covering every aspect of female sexuality and sexual health.  3/5
For Couples
Advanced Foreplay Tips and Techniques - Sexual Positions - Foreplay Primer  Many relate foreplay to just sex, but we see foreplay as everything that encompasses relationships, love, as well as sex. Through the tips and techniques, interactive forums, sex surveys and other features, Foreplay Primer strives to provide both males and females with unlimited resources on love and sex. 3/5
Dating, Love, Marriage and Sex - All the topics covered in this chapter fascinate most of us. Finding and keeping love is an eternal quest. Sex too seems to interest most people. However, if you are working on a specific problem or in a particular stage, such as dating or divorce, you will find parts of the chapter more relevant to your immediate concerns. Subjects in this chapter range from meeting potential partners to being happily married forever or going through a divorce and remarrying. In addition, at the end of the chapter, sexual adjustment, sexual problems, and homosexuality are briefly discussed. This listing of topics should help you find the material you need. 3/5
Guide to Shaving - Basic Steps: If you have long pubic hairs, trim hair with clippers or scissors. Electric clippers are best for this purpose. From The Society for Human Sexuality.  4/5
It's Your Call - Making Sexual Decisions - An interactive site to help you make decisions that are right for you. 4/5
Sex & Intercourse Positions, Sexual Techniques - The Art of Sex Positions! The missionary is the most
commonly adopted lovemaking position.   The site contains pictures of simulated sexual positions  therefore caution is offered.  3/5
  Ten Rules of Anal Sex - Anal Eroticism is surrounded by a powerful taboo. Yet millions of men and women - straight, gay and bisexual - are experimenting with anal sex. An Article. 3/5
The Art of Kissing - My latest survey indicates that women like neck kisses ten times more than guys.  All you ever wanted to know.  4/5
What is Cunnilingus? - Cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth to stimulate the female gentials. 3/5
What is Fellatio? - Fellatio is oral sex performed on a man. 3/5
For Teenagers
How to Kiss Great How to know when to kiss. French and other kissing tips. How to get him/her to kiss you.  3/5
Iwannaknow Addresses questions about teenage sexuality. Chat room for teens. Product of American Social Health Association. 3/5
Non-Intercourse Sex - An Article on what's it all about. 2/5
Puberty101 Provides answers to many teen sexuality questions.  3/5
STD Prevention - Includes information on PID, Chlamydia, HPV, Gonorrhea etc.  5/5
Teenage Sex Questions - Teenage pregnancy, safe sex and other questions answered.  4/5
Warehouse: Sexual Arousal Responses - Sexual Arousal Responses By Dr. Dan Okay, sex can be a pretty steamy subject. But if you hope to understand anything about pleasing yourself.  From TeenWire. article about pregnancy, dating sex etc.  3/5
Youth Shakers: Young Women and Puberty - Sex and menstruation. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that sex cures menstrual pains. In fact, sex during menstruation can increase the risks of ...   The site contains information on the female body, menstruation, breasts all a girl would want to know.  4/5
Sex Education and Sexology Sources - You can find out how to unlock the mysteries of your sexuality and how to get help for your sexual problems. This website contains resources to help you maximize the joy and pleasure of being comfortable as a sexual person, and resources to help you stay emotionally and sexually intimate with a loved partner. 3/5
Sexual Education - The Human Sexuality web.  5/5
University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre - The University of Toronto Sexual Education and Peer Counselling Centre is a student-run collective dedicated to promoting healthy perspectives on human sexuality and relationships.  4/5
General Information
A Parents Guide to Menstruation - Your beautiful little girl is growing up and turning into a woman – you can see the signs and want to prepare her for that day when she gets her first period. 3/5
Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality - Research papers, peer revues and more.  3/5
Enhancement Research - The real truth about men's and women's enhancement products ( Their statement not ours ). 2/5 - Major website containing articles on sexuality and health. Panel of experts answers health and sexuality questions. 4/5
Sexual Anorexia - Is an obsessive state in which the physical, mental, and emotional task of avoiding sex dominates one's life. 3/5
Sexual Anorexia - The Flip Side of Sexual Addiction - By Sharon O’Hara, M.A., LMFT. 3/5 - The Online Sex AdvisorYour Sex questions, concerns and problems answered here!. 3/5
Sexual Health - Public Information Resource - Facts and information on a wide range of sexual health issues. Great sex guide, safe sex facts, birth control methods, STD information and much more. 3/5 Caution is recommended as thiss ite contains explicit pictures
Sexual Medicine - Sexual Medicine is a discipline of medicine that deals with sexual problems - physical as well as psychological. It is now established that sexual health is an integral part of general health. 3/5
Sexual Reassignment Surgery - A persistent feeling that one s sexual identity is incongruent with ones anatomic sex. 3/5
SRS Information - Sexual Reassignment Surgery  3/5
The Last Taboo: Why is Menstruation Still a Curse? - A Guardian Article. 3/5
Ultimate Orgasm . From "Bigger is" 2/5
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