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- An act where a person intentionally kills himself or herself.

About Suicide - Crisis Intervention - Help Suggestions.  3/5
Assessing Adult and Teenage Suicide Risk - The Training Institute for Suicide Assessment and Clinical Interviewing (TISA) provides the "Interviewing Tip of the Month", a complete article on suicide assessment techniques (the CASE Approach), as well as trainings and books on suicide assessment and clinicial interviewing for mental health professionals, school counselors, and physicians. 4/5
Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention - AISRAP Overview Content areas include the following sections  4/5

Befrienders International On-Line - Befrienders International is a registered charity, developing volunteer action to prevent suicide in 41 countries worldwide and providing information on the Internet. Our site features the world's most comprehensive directory of emotional first aid helplines.  4/5
Chris Dranfeldts Suicide Help Page  3/5
Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Sucicide Prevention  3/5
About Elder Suicide - An Introduction to a Late Life Tragedy. 3/5
Epidemiology of Suicide - From the Task Force on Life and the Law.  3/5
Mass Suicides -- The Power of Belief - An Article from Self help Magazine. 3/5
Parasuicide - Sometimes called Deliberate Self-Harm, is when someone mimics the act of suicide, but does not end up killing themselves. 2/5
Parental influence, Pessimism and Adolescent Suicidality - From the Archive of Suicide Research. 3/5
Pearce Suicide Attempt Scale - Pierce Suicide Intent Scale – To be completed after suicide attempt. Pierce, DW (1977) British Journal of Psychiatry, 130, 377-385. Example. 3/5
Preventing Adolescent Suicide - Taking the time now to educate and prepare your school & community may one day save the life of a student. This program is intended to provide you with a framework around which you can build an effective adolescent suicide prevention program. 3/5
SMHAI - The Suicide and Mental Health Association International - Founded in February 2006, is dedicated to suicide and mental health related issues. Our main goal is to prevent suicidal behavior and to relieve its effects on all who maybe affected by it. We also promote and advocate awareness and treatment in regards to mental health. 4/5

Suicide Assessment Scales Index - Full listing of scales. 3/5

Suicide & Parasuicide Web Site - The Suicidology Web - This site brings the latest subjects and resources related with the study of the suicidal phenomena. It is specially designed for health care professionals; Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Suicidologists, Sociologists, Therapists and other mental health practitioners and general health care providers. 3/5
Suicidal and Violent Behavior Associated with the use of Fluoxetine ( Prozac ). - An   Article.  3/5

Suicide Information & Education Centre (SIEC) - The Suicide Information & Education Centre (SIEC) is a special library and resource centre providing information on suicide and suicidal behaviour. We are not a Crisis Centre.  4/5

Suicide Paradigm - This site is for those who have experienced suicide loss and others who want to know more about the reality of suicide and its aftermath.   4/5
Suicide Assessment - Suicide Assessment Richard Niolon, Ph.D.   Helpful Links: Center for Personal Development Psychpage links on Beginning Therapy Behavioral Family Therapy Bowenian Family Therapy Defenses The DSM IV Therapist/Client Matching. 3/5

The Center for Therapy and Studies of Suicidal Behavior - Welcome to the Center for Therapy and Studies of Suicidal Behaviorīs (TZS) homepage. On the TZS pages you will find information and links on the theme of suicidality and psychoanalysis.  4/5
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