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Violence & Abuse
- A general term used to describe a variety of abusive conditions. In the context of violence it can refer to child, wife, husband etc.

  A Phenomenological Study of Vicarious Traumatisation Amongst Psychologists and Professional Counsellors Working in the Field of Sexual Abuse/Assault. - 3/5
  Long-term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse - Paul E Mullen and Jillian Fleming 3/5
  Mainly Men Against Violence Sexism - Empowering men to end all forms of violence Are you a man who has been affected by sexual violence? 2/5
MDSA - Making Daughters Safe Again is the only organization in the world
specializing in mother-daughter sexual abuse. We provide a very unique online program for survivorsy as well as information, resources, original articles, survivor comments, artwork, etc. on mother-daughter abuse as well as responsible self-help and general abuse resources. 4/5
National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse - Let's work to end child abuse and neglect: worldwide, with all children loved, properly cared for, and educated. That's when society will see an end to crime, violence and hatred. Child abuse is not inevitably with us forever. We can end it.  3/5
National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect - The mission of the National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) is to facilitate the secondary analysis of research data relevant to the study of child abuse and neglect. By making data available to a larger number of researchers, NDACAN seeks to provide a relatively inexpensive and scientifically productive means for researchers to explore important issues in the child maltreatment field. Below is a list of the Archive's current products and services. 5/5
Psychological Effects of Incest on Girls Focusing on Sibling - Psychological Effects of Incest on Girls Focusing on Sibling Incest  Author - Pam Ramsey (copyright 1994). Literature Review, Case Studies, Biography etc. 4/5
Raising Children to Reject Violence - An APA Article.  3/5
Sexual Abuse of Males - An essay by clinical psychologist Jim Hopper. An Article. 3/5
Sexual Abuse- Surviving the Pain - Secretiveness or unusual aggressiveness. Sexual components to drawings and games. Neurotic reactions (obsessions, compulsiveness, phobias). ... 3/5
Teaching Gentleness - An APA Article. 3/5
The Sexual Abuse Treatment, Research, Resource, and Referral Site - The site lists an extensive amount of information, referrals, resources, consultation, and much more. A private practice offering professional help but with many good links to resources. 3/5
Understanding Sibling Incest - An Article.  3/5
Verbal Emotional Abuse - Excerpted from Dr. Irene Matiatos' Verbal Abuse Site at: Distributed freely for non-commercial or educational purposes. An Article. 3/5
What Causes Child Abuse and Neglect - People don't try to become bad parents. Very few people actually set out to abuse or neglect their children, yet it happens all too often. An Article. 3/5
What is Battered Wife / Woman's Syndrome? - A Family Law Advisor Article. 3/5
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