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A year long Festival of Humanistic Psychology to mark the first 20 years of the
Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners

26 March 2022 Psychotherapy and the Soul
29 April 2022 Polarities, Stones and Symbols in Counselling
20 May 2022 Changing Times, Changing Families: Stepfamilies
17 June 2022 Gestalt Bodywork: Integrating Mind & Body
15 July 2022

Creative Imaging: Making Life Choices & Changes

16 September 2021 Money
14 October 2021 Working with People who Self-Injure
11 November 2021 The Couple as the Client Work
9 December 2021 Discovering the Potential of your Spiritual Dimension through Gestalt
13 January 2022 Imagining James Hillman: a Psychotherapist's Perspective
10 February 2022 Living Our Sexual Creativity

At the October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London WC1

For more Information: Judy Graham, 0171 354 2240

Booking to the AHPP, Box BCM AHPP, London, WC1N 3XX