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   Statistics - Very generally, the branch of mathematics, pure and applied, which deals with collecting, classifying and analyzing data.

Demonstrations and Tutorials...

An Excellent Demonstration of the use of the Chi Square Test for Analyzing Contingency Tables. -  Using one of several pre-loaded sample datasets, you specify the variables to be cross-tabbed; the program then generates a detailed analysis, from which you can interactively explore the effects of merging rows and/or columns in the table. 5/5  Student
Interactive JavaScript Quizes on using SPSS and Interpretation of Results. - Also contains other SPSS-related resources.  4/5
Java Demos for Probability and Statistics   3/5  Student
Linear regression / Correlation Demonstration - Click a bunch of points onto the screen; as you enter each one, the computer immediately computes and displays an adjusted regression line (with equation and correlation coefficient)  3/5
Longitudinal Research in Social Sciences Q Technique Presentation - By the University of Western Ontario. Part lecture presentation 4/5 Student
Monte-Carlo p vs Sample Size Simulation for Survey Questionnaire Results - With graphical output   3/5
Probability by Surprise - A set of interactive applets: The Birthday Problem, Say Red, The Collector, Banach's Matchbox Problem, The Matching Problem, The IID Sequence, Polya's Urn as a restaurant choice, Random Scatter, Traffic jams, Visualizing Probabilities, Building a Probability Tree, Two-dimensional densities with Conditional Probabilities. Also contains class notes for the Introduction to Probability class currently taught at Stanford using these, and other web-resources. 3/5   Student
Random Number Generation -Good introduction 2/5 Student
Seeing Statistics - By Gary McClelland -- an online textbook containing many animated (Java) demonstrations. A tour, and part of the complete book, is available free.  4/5
Simulation of Various Sampling Distributions  3/5
Statistical Sampling Page - How To Use Statistical Sampling Introduction The following sections describe the uses and applications of basic sampling plans 3/5
Statistics Tutorials These briefly explain the use and interpretation of standard statistical analysis techniques, using the WINKS program from TexaSoft. Tutorials include:  4/5
VESTAC - Large collection of Java applets for visualizing statistical concepts (regression, ANOVA, hypothesis tests, all kinds of distributions...) developed at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium.  4/5  Student

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