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   Statistics - Very generally, the branch of mathematics, pure and applied, which deals with collecting, classifying and analyzing data.

All About SPSS - From the home of SPSS. Good introduction to functions and features. Include a Free demonstartion download facility. 5/5


AssiStat  — A Windows-based software package that automates calculation formulas. Includes a Free demonstration download4/5
NCSS - Statistical Software That is Easy to Use Includes Data Analysis, Statistical Graphics, and Statistical Analysis. Imports Data from SAS, SPSS. Demonstration download available. 4/5
SPSS for Windows - Instructions for using SPSS 3/5
SPSS MR Technical Support Site - Need technical support in using SPSS?  Then this is the site. 4/5
SPSS Science - Includes free download demonstration software 3/5
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Books and Other Information
Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms  4/5 Student
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