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   Statistics -General textbooks, ebooks, hypertext books, references, glossaries and journals

General Textbooks:
Basic Principles of Statistical Analysis  3/5  Student
Exploratory Factor Analysis: A Book Manuscript by Ledyard 2/5
HyperStat Statistics Textbook - A well-designed and well-constructed "hyper-text-book". Contents   5/5 : Student
  • Introduction
  • Describing Univariate Data
  • Describing Bivariate Data
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Normal Distribution
  • Sampling Distributions
  • Point Estimation
  • Confidence Intervals
  • The Logic of Hypothesis Testing
  • Testing Hypotheses with Standard Errors
  • Power
  • Introduction to Between-Subjects ANOVA
  • Factorial Between-Subjects ANOVA
  • Within-Subjects ANOVA
  • Prediction
  • Chi Square
  • Distribution-Free Tests
  • Measuring Effect Size


Introduction to Probability - By Grinstead and Snell (a complete book, in Adobe Acrobat and Postscript format.  3/5  Student
Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications, and Multivariate Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications - By David W. Stockburger (Southwest Missouri State University). In-depth coverage, with extensive use of web technology (animated graphics, interactive calculating pages).  4/5
Meta-Analysis Pages - An Introduction; Detailed Description -  How-to Guide.  4/5
SPSS for Windows - Instructions for using SPSS 3/5
Stat Refresher Tutorial  3/5  Student 
Statistics at Square One - An excellent online textbook. Contents 5/5  :
  • Data display and summary
  • Mean and standard deviation
  • Populations and samples
  • Statements of probability and confidence intervals
  • Differences between means: type I and type II errors and power
  • Differences between percentages and paired alternatives
  • The t tests
  • The chi-squared tests
  • Exact probability test
  • Rank score tests
  • Correlation and regression
  • Survival analysis
  • Study design and choosing a statistical test
Statistics Every Writer Should Know - Good introduction to statistical concepts, presented in a clear and non-intimidating way. Topics include: mean, median, percent changes, per capita and rates, standard deviation and normal distribution, margin of error, confidence intervals and sample sizes. Site includes a set of frequently asked questions, and a Statistics Bulletin board -- Post your question about statistics, or help someone else by posting an answer to his or her problem. Also links to its sister site: Finding Data on the Internet  4/5  Student
StatSoft Electronic Textbook - To search the Electronic Statistics Textbook for terms and general statistical concepts:  4/5
Statistics of Performance Measurement - For parents of children with special educational needs, but also worthwhile for anyone who wants a good introductory presentation of basic statistical concepts.  3/5
The Knowledge Base -- An Online Research Methods Textbook - By William M.K. Trochim (Cornell University). An online textbook for an introductory course in research methods.  3/5  Student
Books Related to Specific Software Packages:
All About SPSS - From the home of SPSS. Good introduction to functions and features. Include a Free demonstration download facility. 5/5
Data Analysis with Epi Info - Online textbook by Bud Gerstman. Describes analyses for continuous or binary outcomes; single group, paired samples, or two or more independent groups; one or more continuous predictors; stratified tables (with confounding and interaction); and much more. 3/5
Electronic Statistics Textbook - (StatSoft) - Very extensive and well-organized (can also be downloaded for quicker access from your hard drive)  3/5
Excel for Professionals - Free downloadable book (in MS Word format) by Vijay Gupta, who also has a number of Other books of interest. Describes using Excel for data manipulation, statistics, constrained optimization. Especially useful for those who need to conduct statistical analysis, optimization problems, use add-ins and work with source data form enterprise-wide data bases.  3/5
Instat Guide to Choosing and Interpreting Statistical Tests - From Graphpad3/5
SPSS for Beginners - Downloadable book (in MS Word format) by Vijay Gupta, who also has a number of Other books of interest. An excellent source for learning all procedures in SPSS. The chapters are organized in a manner that conforms to the requirements of the typical statistical project. Everything is taught in a step-by-step manner using screen shots, simple English explanations (a minimization of statistical jargon) and pithy interpretations of results. About half of the book is downloadable for free.  4/5  Student
Textbook on Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement - Developed by Bill Miller of Iowa State U, in conjunction with his OpenStat statistical package. The software and textbook are both available for download from his web site.  4/5
References and Glossaries:
Compendium of over 50 Probability Distribution Functions - Giving the formula, expressions for the mean, SD, percentiles, higher moments, random variable generation procedures (if available), and insight into where that type of distribution function arises. In Adobe PDF format. 3/5
Glossary - From HyperStat online textbook  3/5  Student
Glossary of Statistical Terms used in Evidence-Based Medicine  3/5
Glossary of over 30 statistical terms - Explanations vary from short definitions to extensive explanations, with graphics and hyperlinks  3/5  Student
Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms  4/5 Student
Numerical Recipes - The Art of Scientific Computing - Classic works by W.H. Press et al. -- a truly monumental collection of mathematical and statistical algorithms. The complete books are available free, in Postscript and Adobe Acrobat downloadable format, in three versions: C, Fortran 77, and Fortran 90 (parallel computing). 4/5
SPSS MR Technical Support Site - Need technical support in using SPSS?  Then this is the site. 4/5
Statistics Glossary -  From the Lancaster University Center for Applied Statistics 3/5  Student
Statistics Glossary - A good site for students. Easy to follow concepts 4/5 Student
The Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms - Glossary Home Page Persons unfamiliar with statistical analysis may find the entries easier to grasp if they are examined in the order list contained here. 3/5 StudentGlossary Home Page Persons unfamiliar with statistical analysis may find the entries easier to grasp if they are examined in the order list contained here. 3/5 Student
Online Journals:
Journal of Statistics Education - A refereed electronic journal on postsecondary teaching of statistics  3/5
Journal of Statistical Software - Electronic, peer-reviewed, free journal.  3/5
Journal of Official Statistics - Published by the national statistical office of Sweden. Publishes articles on statistical methodology and theory, with an emphasis on applications. Free access to full-text articles in PDF format.InterStat (Statistics on the Internet) - Online journal where one can publish or read about any aspect of statistical research or innovative method. Abstracts of articles are available for viewing; from there, you can read or download the article (or any comments written about it), in Portable Document Format (. pdf) or Postscript (.ps) format.  4/5
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