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Psychological Games & Puzzles             
   Games - These game links are published without any content or relevance rating. They are here for interest and a bit of FUN!!!

Bio Rhythms -  Enter your date of birth, check your biorhythms, and find out how you will be functioning physically, emotionally, intellectually, and intuitively during any month.
Emotional Intelligence Quiz
Exploratorium - The Exploratorium
Famous Psychologists Anagrams
New Math Games, Tower of Hanoi History Instructions
New MazeWorks - Tower of Hanoi
Mind Games For All To Try!
Optical Illusions - Offers an excellent selection of classic and not so classical visual illusions
Paul Sloane's list of Classical Lateral Thinking Puzzles
Personality Game
Psychology Self-Quizzes - Many mental health quizzes to try.
Puzzle Connection
Rozie's IQ Tests and Alphabet Graphics
Sensation/Perception Jeopardy - Linda Walsh's Jeopardy Game for her Introduction to Psychology students.
Serendip Games
Sheep Game.
Test Your Memory and Intuition
The Ink Blot Test - This test, which is officially called a Rorschach Test, consists of showing you (the test subject) a series of random, ink-blot shapes. For each shape you are shown, you will type in the word or words that the shape brings to mind.
The Prisoners Dilemma
Tower of Hanoi
Psycholigists Crossword.
Universityoflife - Serious and Fun Games
Zener ESP Card Test - OK, so psychologists probably don't play with this very much, but you can test yourself, anyway.


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