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  Health Psychology - The area of psychology which examines the problems of maintaining a healthy life style.

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American Psychological Association APA: Health Psychology 3/5
Behavioral Medicine Resource Listing 3/5
Canadian Psychological Association - Health Psychology Section 4/5
Center for Developmental and Health Research Methodology - From the University of Virginia.  2/5
Chuck Campbell's Medical References   3/5
College of Health & Human Development   3/5
Diet Coach, The - A new UK site treating weight problems with behavioral and cognitive psychological methods.  4/5
European Health Psychology Society  3/5
Health ALLIANCE - The Health and Behavior Alliance currently is a group of 28 professional research societies working together to increase the priority of and resources devoted to health and behavior research.    2/5
Health Belief Model - HEALTH BELIEF MODEL doesn´t take into account habit´s and attitudes, or mood face validity- can predict the likelihood of action cannot measure modifying factors provides link between attitudes and behaviour- EV Murray and McMillan  2/5
Health Belief Model - Health Belief Model 1/27/2000 Click here to start Table of Contents Health Belief Model HBM hinges on two variables Perceived Susceptibility Perceived Severity Perceived Benefits Perceived Barriers Cues to Action Self-Efficacy Tay-Sachs Disease Tay-Sachs.  3/5
New Health Belief Model - One of the most widely accepted theoretical models of behavior change Components - Perceived susceptibility Perceived severity Effectiveness of action to prevent or mitigate threat Barriers to action Cue to action Allows specification ....  1/5
Health in Focus in the UK - Dedicated to all manner of Health related issues. 4/5
Health Psychology Com - Health Psychology Com – Information and resources concerning rehabilitation and medicine. Site services include research articles and library access.  4/5
Health Psychology and Medicine - Here at Health Psychology, we utilize a wide range of biofeedback applications, including EEG biofeedback or "brainwave training," which has many uses for drugless treatment. We also offer a wide spectrum of services in individual, couples and family counseling. A business services site more than an information site.  2/5
Health Psychology - University of Pittsburgh USA.  2/5

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