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  Health Psychology - The area of psychology which examines the problems of maintaining a healthy life style.

International Psycho-Oncology Society and American Society of Psychosocial & Behavioral Oncology/AIDS - The mission of the American Society for Psychosocial and Behavioral Oncology/AIDS (ASPBOA) is to promote the psychological, social, and physical well being of patients with cancer, AIDS and allied diseases and their families at all stages of disease. 4/5
Multidimensional Health Locus of Control  2/5
Mind, Body, Spirit: Counseling, Psychology, Health, Religion - Mind, Body, Spirit. Counseling, Psychology, Health, Religion. Counseling Resources. Career Resources. Psychology Resources. Health. Food. Ecology. Extensive Links Listing.  3/5


Peripheral Nervous System - Information for medical professionals about the peripheral nervous system, including details of skeletal muscle paralysis and opioid-induced bradycardia.  3/5


Peripheral Nervous System, Neuromuscular Junction, and Muscle - Information about disorders of the peripheral nervous system3/5
Richard C. Sherman's - Articles; education and computers, Social, Health psychology etc. 3/5
UK.Health Centre -The guide to UK medical info on the web. 2/5
Understanding Health-Related Risk Behaviour  2/5
Welcome To You First Health Risk Assessment. Always Free. Always Confidential  3/5
York University - Health Psychology  3/5
Books, Journals and Other Information 
Biology of Stress    3/5
Health Risk Assessment - The following Health and Wellness Appraisal is an educational tool designed to pinpoint controllable health risk factors and provide you with suggestions for making positive lifestyle changes. It is intended for adults age 18 and older . 3/5
Journal of Health Psychology   2/5
Journal of the Peripheral Nervous System - Abstracts of clinical papers, contents of journal, details of biennial meeting of the Peripheral Nerve Society.  3/5
Playing the Sick Role - Health and Medicine in the News Headline: There are no rewards in playing the 'sick role' Newspaper Article Synopsis: People who continually 'suffer' from symptoms that cannot be verified by a medical examination may suffer from what physicians call 'the sick role.  1/5
Psychological Stress and Cancer The complex relationship between physical and psychological health is not well understood.  3/5
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