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   Hypnotherapy - A general term for any psychotherapy that makes use of hypnosis.

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A Visual Self-Hypnosis Tool - A web tool for learning relaxation. Instructions are given on screen and relaxed breathing is stimulated with a "breathing picture". Self-suggestions may be shown when the user is relaxed. In a trance
Anodyne Awareness - NHI  provides training in hypnosis and NLP skills.
Altered States of Consciousness - Links to info on hypnosis, parapsychology, out of body experiences...
Art Of Suggestion, The - Information and definition of terms in hypnosis.
Betty Erickson’s Self Hypnosis Technique
C. Roy Hunter, MS, C.Ht. - Hypnosis books, tapes, official FAQ, training, workshops
Clinical Hypnosis - Understanding clinical hypnotherapy by Judith E. Pearson, PhD.
Clinical Hypnotherapy - Dedicated to the study of False Memory Syndrome (FMS) associated with hypnotic regression, holistic hypnotherapy, information & personal services.
Dr. Bryan Knight's Hypnosis Headquarters - Is a site which includes information on hypnosis along with various products. There is information on hypnotherapy training via home study and live workshops.
Elevated Therapy - Michael G. Milletts Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis - An explanation of what hypnosis is together with links to other information on hypnosis.
Happiness Through Hypnosis
Happiness Through Hypnosis - Links and information about Past Life Regressions, hypnosis, Chakras, Reiki, Vipassana, etc... FREE samples of tools to explore your subconscious mind and set positive changes in motion
Hypno-Directory - by Dr. Ali Mehiliba
Hypno-Quip Home Page - Manufacturers of high quality affordable products specifically designed for use in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.
Hypnosis 1
Hypnosis 2
Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy UK - Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy contains extensive resources relating to hypnosis theory and practice. It is also the homepage of a large hypnosis e-mail discussion forum and a UK hypnotherapy webring.
Hypnosis and Memory Page
Hypnosis and NLP 1
Hypnosis and NLP 2
Hypnosis and Psycho-Visual Therapy Resources
Hypnosis Archive - This is an FTP connection.
Hypnosis for Health
Hypnosis FTP Archive
Hypnosis - Brief Therapy and Altered States of Consciousness
Hypnosis Center - Assistance and products relating to hypnosis, hypnotherapy and personal success strategies
Hypnosis in the UK - Resources about Hypnosis in the UK. Benefits, therapists, training, seminars, books, links.

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