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Psychology & Mental Health Resources


             Drug Databases, Articles, Addictions - Drugs,  Gambling,  Internet....

British NHS Trust Hospitals
          Trusts, Service Statistics, Hospitals.....

Consultancy Assistance
             Psychologist, Consultants, Business Assistance....,

Discussion Groups
           Psychological, Related ...

Diagnostic Criteria
  DSM Criteria, Facts, Treatment Options.....

Experimental Design

              Statistics, Experimental Design, Software,  Stat Tools
              Cornell's Statistics series.....

Non-Mainstream Psychology
              Alternative Medicine, Parapsychology, Meditation, Mind Power
              Acupuncture, Meditation, Biofeedback ..

Psychology Subject Areas
           Ageing, Artificial Intelligence, Birth Psychology, Clinical, Counselling,
           Forensic,  Educational, Environmental, Health, Hypnotherapy,
           Linguistics, Neuroscience, Industrial, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy,
           Religion, Sport, Social, Virtual Reality

Psychological Research
             Databases, Search Engines, Guides...

Psychological Publications
            Books On-Line, Journals, Reference...

Psychological Software
            Personality, Diagnostic,   On-Line Tests, Software Companies
            Bio-Feedback, Cognitive, Survey, MAC Software
            Mood, Just for Fun Tests.........

Psychological Help
              Professionals, Online Assistance,  Self-Help, Charities ...

Psychology Training / CPD
             Careers, Internship, Distance Learning, Ethics ......

Psychological Societies
            Institutes, Societies, Associations, Academies...

             Mainstream, Anti-Psychiatry..

Psychiatric Nursing & Care Issues

              Psychology Departments, Student Information, Courses...

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