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   Career Advice Sites - A list of site well worth a visit to plan you career advancement

. Faculty Salaries in US Schools- See what faculty members earn at the schools where you're thinking of applying.  The site gives salaries by rank from the 1999-2000 school year at over 1700 schools.
Cost of Living Calculator - Compare the cost of living in various cities.  Very handy when you're trying to decide if you'll be able to survive on a post-doc or assistant professor salary!
US City Reports - A quick way to get information about cities.  There is a city comparison option that allows you to see how cities compare to each other with regard to crime rates, pollution indices, median income, median education level, etc.
Online Psychology Career Center -  This site is pretty impressive.   It provides information and links to information regarding how to prepare a vita, right cover letters, prepare for interviews, etc.  It also provides links to lots of sites that post jobs.  If you're looking for a job in psychology, this is a great site to visit.  Maintained by the Social Psychology Network.
Science's Next Wave Career Development Center - Provides career development advice for post-docs and junior faculty.  Covers topics including how to find funding, how to get jobs, getting tenure, etc.  Some of the information on the site is free to everyone, but getting access to other parts of the site requires a membership.
Psychology Job and Earnings Outlook - Provides a summary of recent data collected by the APA regarding employment and pay for people with advanced degrees in psychology.  The full report of the 1997 APA salary survey can be found Here.
The University Pages - Links to homepages for 1000's of colleges and universities.  Organized by state.

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