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   Neuroscience - A sub-division within physiological psychology that focuses on the interrelationships between neurological processes and behavior.

Animated Dendrite - The    3/5

Brainwave Treatment Centres - The Brain Wave Treatment Centers, International, is an affiliation of Neurofeedback Health Care Providers and Commercial Vendors. We are interested in providing you with information about this newly developing and powerful Biofeedback Treatment Modality. Contributions to this educational end, in the form of Web published articles, will be authored, submitted, and available at this Web site.  3/5
British Neuroscience Association  3/5
Craik-Cornsweet - An unusual site, little information. 1/5
New Contrast, Spatial Frequency, Orientation, and Spatial Phase 3/5
Dana Allegiance for Neuroscience - serves as a gateway to brain information. Visit the Brain Information and Brain Web section to access general information about the brain and current brain research, and to link to validated sites related to more than 23 brain disorders. "Brainy Kids Online" offers children, parents and teachers a site with activities for younger children, puzzles; links to excellent educational resources, and lesson plan suggestions.  4/5
Department Psychophysics: Projects - Cognitive Human Psychophysics Sensor-Motor Integration Our nervous system is designed to interact with the environment. Therefore we need to integrate information that is presented by the senses. This enables us to successfully use our motor system.  4/5
EEG Spectrum - News and Announcements.  4/5
Frequently Asked Questions about Behavioral Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology  2/5
Human.IT - Ccontains four psychological tests based on neuropsychology, which can be taken online. The Company is at present collecting norms on the tests and therefore require a large number of people of all ages to take the tests. Even though the tests are based on solid neuroscientific research, we believe they are fun to take, and we also provide feedback. The tests assess memory, planning and problem-solving and mental flexibility. Furthermore, for every test taken a participant gets entered into a prizedraw, the first prize being a cash price of 2000 pound.   3/5
Lateral Interactions in the Cortex - An eBook.  5/5
Neuroanatomy on the Internet.  4/5
NASA Neurolab Web: Role of Visual Cues in Spatial Orientation  3/5
NeuroMuscular Research Centre - The - Presented by Boston University.   3/5
Neuroscience for Kids - The Stroop Effect - The famous "Stroop Effect", named after J. Ridley Stroop in the 1930's. Here is your the colors of these words. I do NOT want to know what the words say...rather, say the color of the words. 4/5  Student
Neuroscience - Net - Is a major new scientific journal published in electronic-only format on the World Wide Web. The articles you see here will contain some of the most exciting neuroscience research data in existence, and they will be published in a very timely fashion. 3/5
Neurosciences - An extremely good site, well worth taking a look.  5/5
Prof. Annette Karmiloff-Smith - Neurocognitive Development Unit Institute of Child Health UK.   2/5
Roger N. Shepard: UC Hitchcock Lectures - Evolution and the Social Mind University of California Hitchcock Lectures Presentations by Roger N. Shepard Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, Stanford Winner of the National Medal of Science Perception, Imagery, and Science. 3/5
New Spatial Frequency Adaptation - Spatial Frequency Adaptation 1. Look at the two gratings on the right side of the figure. Do you see any differences between them? 2. Now for about 60 seconds scan your gaze back and forth along the horizontal red bar between the two gratings on the left.   3/5
Team Dopamine Home Page - Introduction Dopamine [C8H11NO2], a hormone-like substance, is an important neurotransmitter. When present in normal quantities, dopamine facilitates critical brain functions.  2/5
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation   3/5


Unconscious Processing: Subliminal Perception, Neuropsychology, and the I-Function  3/5
W.M.Keck Foundation Centre for Integrative Neuroscience - Welcome to the home page for the W.M. Keck Foundation Center for Integrative Neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco. Through this page we hope to be able to give you a basic idea of who we are, what we do, how we came to be, and how you can get in touch with us. 2/5
Whole Brain Atlas - Neuroscience Related Information.   5/5
Books, Journals and Information
Are Split-Brain Patients in two Minds about Everything?  3/5


Brain & Mind - An electronic magazine on Neuroscience
Computational Neurobiology Lab (Publications) - The Salk Institute - NOTE: Our anonymous FTP service used for downloading the following papers is working but on a limited basis. If you have trouble retrieving any of the available publications please notify us by sending e-mail to: 5/5
Craik-O'Brien-Cornsweet Illusion - Supplemental material to "The Craik-O'Brien-Cornsweet illusion in colour: Quantitative characterisation and comparison with luminance" Thomas Wachtler and Christian Wehrhahn Please note that the gradual luminance and color changes around the central edge . 2/5
Emotions & Biofeedback without Instruments  3/5
Journal of Neuroscience Online  4/5


Lectures in Neuropsychology - By B Graham 3/5


Neurochemical Bases of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders (Part I-II) - P Jobe - UIC (US)   3/5
Neuron Online  3/5
Perception of Object Colour - Perception of object colour Group members: Lewis Griffin A technique has been developed for generating a continuous manifold of surface colours with an affine structure.  2/5  Student
Visuomotor Adaption - Introduction We get information about where an object is in relation to ourselves from both our eyes and the muscles controlling the movement of our eyes and head.  2/5
What are Meta-States? The Art of Running Your Own Brain!  3/5
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