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  Polls and On-Line surveys are one of the most effective methods of obtaining opinions and demographic data.

And what do you think madam?


Other current Surveys ( not by Psychnet-UK ) you may wish to participate in:

1. Survey To Decriminalize Prostitution (USA)

2. Survey Central - This Month's Best - How do you feel about the role of a middle child?

3. Do you consider yourself to have a Type "A" or Type "B" personality?

4. Reflective Practice Survey

Requests to Participate in Research Studies:
Study 1 - My name is Jeff Kretschmar and I am a graduate student at Miami University. I am conducting research that examines how home pages affect the impressions others form of home page owners. This research is mainly social psychological in nature. The study takes approx. 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your consideration, Jeff Kretschmar

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  Study 2 - Miami University Web-Based Psychology Laboratory:Contact Person: Christopher Wolfe, Ph.D.

Brief Description: This site gives you the opportunity to participate in several psychological studies and learn about psychology. Some experiments give you a chance to win money

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Study 3 - Title: Estimate the Likelihood - Researcher: Christopher Wolfe, Miami University (USA)

Category: Cognition - Description: Read 12 very short vignettes (2 or 3 sentences long) and estimate the probability of events (time: 25 minutes max; chance to win US $45).

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