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   Miscellaneous - A general listing of non-traditional psychological approaches uncategorised.

Alchemy Web SiteSet up by Adam McLean with over 700 pages and 500 graphic images.

Alchemists Laboratory

Altered States of Consciousness.
Archetypal Astrology
Aroma Web
Archetypal Astrology - By Douglas Boyd
Association for Astrological Psychology - Non-membership organization dedicated to the integration of astrology and psychology.
Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies USA
Centre for Dialogic Communication
Complimentary Medicine -Aesclepian Chronicles
Gnosis Archive - A list of Internet articles, Gnostic texts, resources, and related Web sites
Green Earth Foundation - An Educational and Research Organization which specializes in the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth.
I Ching - The Book of Changes
Institute of Mind Body Science - The mission of the Institute is to conduct innovative research in the fields of health, psychology and bioenergy physics, and to explore the mechanics of consciousness and how the human mind affects conditions of the body.
Joyfire Healing
Leading Edge Communications
Lheannan’s Rainbow Room - The Rainbow Rooms is an eclectic site filled with information and links on ecology, divination, metaphysics (human potentials, alternative science, psychokenetics, etc.) computers, ancient goddesses, famous quotes, original essays and stories, and more. Updated weekly
Memory Improvement Sites
New Mystic Indian Astrology and Occultism
Natural Medicine - Complementary Health Care, and Alternative Therapies
Natural Shaman Healing & Teachings - shaman,reiki healing psychic surgery,shaman teachings including meditation, karma, clairvoyance and how to open and close chakras.
New Age ONLINE Australia
New Paradigms, Models  - A collection of links to articles and sites that are on the leading edge of non-mainstream psychology.
Non Mainstream Psychotherapy Resources
Option Institute - The
Psychic Connections - Your Source to the Unknown. FREE introductory reading!
Psychology, Parapsychology & the Occult For New Zealand -  Alberta UFO Reseach Project Includes all the major movements, various full text papers and biographies.
Science and Pseudoscience Review in Mental Health
Spirit-WWWSpiritual Consciousness on WWW
Sufi Psychology Association - Centers on developing the abilities and potentialities hidden within each of us, so that we may come to live in harmony, unity, balance, love and peace.
The Arcanaeum - Truly the most unusual stuff on Earth. Rare Books, metaphysical supplies, oddities and wonders.
ToDo Institute
Transhumanist Resources
WetWare - Multi-axial nature of Being Human
White Buffalo Society


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