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   Parapsychology - A more or less accepted branch of psychology concerned with paranormal phenomena; that is, those that are presumed to be unexplainable using known laws and principles.


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Archetypal Astrology
Al Seckel's Articles Al Seckel founded the Southern California Skeptics, a Southern California affiliate of CSICOP (the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal). At this site you can find some of his published popular articles on pseudoscience, psychic and paranormal phenomena, skepticism, and the scientific method.
Berkeley Psychic Institute
Centrum voor Psychotronische Studies en Onderzoeken - A website about a Belgian parapsychological research society.
Chenny Troupe
Conscious Universe - The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena - by Dean Radin
Cool Test Links
FAQ - Parapsychology
Holistic & Parapsychological Education
Hot Air

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