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Nursing & Care issues
- A collection of links relating to care issues and psychiatric nursing.

Care Issues

Care Information: 
A Formulated Care Plan Approac to Caring for people with Borderline Personality Disorder in a Community Mental Health Service Setting- Mary Dunn, Hull and Holderness Community NHS Trust and Glenys Parry, Professor of Psychotherapy Research, University of Sheffield. 3/5
Assertive Outreach - Longer term ongoing treatment and support in the community to people vulnerable to frequent, or long term psychiatric hospital admissions. From the same site: Crisis Teams and Home Treatment Teams 3/5
Assessment of the Clinical Utility of a Family Adaptation Model. - Linda McDonald, Gerard Kysela, Jane Drummond, Cathy Martin, & Wendy Wiles University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta. 3/5
A Childs Cry - Helping children and families fighting the system of mental health care. Site contains, a huge links page with 700+ links. Families can post their page on site also. 2/5
ACTA: Assertive Community Treatment Association - A professional association committed to the advancement of quality Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Programs. ASSERTIVE COMMUNITY TREATMENT a team approach designed to provide comprehensive, community -based psychiatric treatment. 3/5
Better Caring - UK's leading online resource for the care home sector. The site hosts a database of all registered care homes in the UK with the most comprehensive information available. - 3/5
Care & Health Web Site - Care and Health is a major on-line resource for people in the care sector. The site has a database of all UK approved social work courses, extensive policy and law references, a sector specific care jobs service, daily news, features on professional practice, over 1600 links to other sites, discussion areas and guides to finding the right training courses. 4/5
Child Care Arrangements for Children Under Five: - Primary Child Care Arrangements for Children under Five with Employed Mothers, by Selected Characteristics and State. A Report. 3/5
Community Care (Direct Payments) Act 1996 - This Act may be cited as the Community Care (Direct Payments) Act 1996.  3/5
Edmonton Regional Palliative Care Program. 2/5
Informed Consent - Informed consent Informed consent Informed consent is a legal doctrine that has been developed by the courts over a number of years. An Article. 3/5
International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care- Sharing hospice and palliative care information worldwide .3/5
Health and Social Care Bill - Nursing care. 48. Exclusion of nursing care from community care services. 3/5
HSTAT - Health Services/Technology Assessment Text - National Library of Medicine USA - access to full-text health care guidelines, assessments, and consumer guides. 4/5
Mental Health Care On-Line - On-Line Mental health Care Survey Results. 3/5
Nursing Models vs Care Models - By the Queensland Nurses Union - Australia. 3/5
Mental Health Reform: Eradicating Psychiatric Violations - Type and quality of mental health care are determined.  3/5
Models of Care - Critical Tolerance Report. 5. Models and menus of care and treatment.  3/5
Orem's Self-Care Model Concepts. 2/5
Primary Care Internet Guide - Nursing - Hogne Sandvik, Univ Bergen, Norway. 4/5
Stroke and Aphasia information for Caregivers  2/5
The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) - Is a resource to hospitals and other healthcare settings interested in developing palliative care programs. CAPC is a national initiative supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by Mount Sinai School of Medicine. 3/5
Therapeutic Relationships - From Hospital to Community - Pilot Project Results.  3/5
The Tidal Model - The Tidal Model was first developed in the mid 1990's in Newcastle, England. Over the past five years, it has become the focus of a range of mental health and recovery projects, in several different countries and cultures. This site has three u=introduction pages to navigate till you get to what you want. To Skip these use this URL Link. 3/5

Violence & Violent Patients, Direct (Bedside Nursing). - From, nursing, direct patientcare, violence.violent.patients.htm.  3/5

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British Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation - A multidisciplinary website for therapist and rehabilitation professionals. 3/5
Evidence-Based Nursing - Is a New Quality Journal which gives access to the best research related information.  3/5
Health Service Journal - Journal for everyone working in the NHS. 3/5
Internurse - Features an archive of over 5,000 peer reviewed features from various leading journals. 3/5
Journal of Neonatal Nursing - JNN is the official journal of the UK Neonatal Nurses Association. You can browse through abstracts of published articles and access the full text of one article in each issue free of charge. In addition you can access all the articles by subscribing online or order a subscription to the printed version in the JNN Booksource shop. 3/5

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