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  Psycholobiology - (Biopsychology) Originally, a school of thought in Psychiatry based on the theoretical orientation of Adolf Meyer which stressed the mechanisms of integration of the biological, the psychological and social experience.

Biopsychology Home Page - A course page with related links2/5

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Biopsychology Related Animations - Biopsychology Related Animations On this page are links to a collection of biopsychology related PowerPoint demonstrations and illustrations. 3/5
Biological Psychology Home Page 4/5
Biological Psychiatry Home Page - An extremely well presented site, many links, articles etc.  5/5
Exploratorium on Biological Bases of Behavior: - Explore the biological bases of behavior and emotions in the PsycWorld University Psychology Exploratorium.  4/5
Human Psychobiology -Scientific study of the human behavior (Emotion, Cognition, Parental, Sexual, Aggression, Language, ...) Click the English Site. 3/5
Institute of Biocognitive Psychology - Theory of biocognitive psychology about how mind, body and historical culture interact to affect health. Based on research in psychoneuroimmunology and medical anthropology.   3/5


ISDP Home - The International Society for the Development of Psychobiology  4/5
Judy Molewski's Biopsychology Home Page  3/5
The National Institute of Psychobiology in Israel  4/5


Principles of Psychobiology - From Brainfood! Interactive guide for allied neurosciences, short articles and features.  3/5
Psychobiology at Binghamton University UK   3/5
Sackler Institute for Developmental Pschobiology  2/5
Spiritual Psychobiology - Spiritual Psychobiology Dr. Leon James Professor of Psychology University of Hawaii (c)1982 Introduction Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) is the author of about two hundred serious scientific works on anatomy, psychology, and natural science. 3/5
WSU Biopsychology Area - Biopsychology Area Biopsychology, also sometimes known as psychobiology or physiological psychology, is a diverse field crossing several academic disciplines including biology, psychology, pharmacology, and medicine. 3/5
Books, Articles, Journals and Other Information
Why Biological Exuberance?  2/5


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