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   Animal Assisted Psychotherapy - A psychotherapeutic technique which utilises animals a a treatment tool to assist those with psychological problems

Animals, Community Health & Public Policy Proceedings - Do pet owners enjoy better health?

Canine CompanionsA nonprofit organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities and to professional caregivers providing pet assisted therapy, the role of animals and pets in metal health.
Delta Society - Promotes animals helping people improve their health, independence and quality of life.
Dog-Play - Animal Assisted Therapy - Introduction to Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy: taking pets, especially dogs, visiting people in health care facilities.
Equine Assisted Growth and Development Seminars - Equine Services provides Equine assisted growth and development seminars and treatment for troubled youth and families utilizing horses as an alternative to traditional therapy.
Healing Dogs; Golden Retriever Psychology Experts
InterMountain Therapy Animals
Faithful Friends Animal-Assisted Therapy Ministry. - Animals and pets as a menans of assisting in coping with mental health problems
Pets Are Wonderful Support - Dedicated to keeping animals and their guardians together. Our clients are people who have AIDS and the animals with whom they share their lives.
Psychology of an Animal Abuser

Scientists Interested in Animal Cognition and Behavior
Therapet - An organization whose mission is to facilitate the use of animals in the healing and rehabilitation of acute and chronically ill individuals


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