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   Art Psychotherapy - In the most inclusive sense, the use of painting as a therapy which has a curative effect upon mental, emotional or behavioral disorder.

American Journal of Art Therapy - A publication that provides a forum for art therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, educators interested in how the arts contribute to the understanding of people. art therapy
American Art Therapy Association - AATA home page is designed to inform art therapists involved in legislative activities of issues affecting the practice of art therapy
Art & Drama Therapy Web Page
Art & Psychoanalysis - When the unconscious, obstructed, suppressed reaches the level of awareness within a relationship, then there is motion
Art and Psychoanalysis (in MARION)
Art As A Healing Force
Art Therapy - Over one hundred years ago, a number of European writers described the spontaneous art done by patients in mental hospitals. This seemingly irrepressible urge to make art out of any available materials confirms the compelling power of art.
Art Therapy.Com - Micahel J. Hanes, MAT, ATR-BC, LPAT, LPCGraduate Faculty Member, University of Oklahoma
Art Therapy Discussion Lists
Art Therapy with Children -   A site created by Petrea Hansen, Art Therapist
Art Therapy - Art as a Healing Force
Art Therapy in Canada - Workshops, Conferences, and Associations in Canada.
Art Therapy on the Web - Art Therapy Links.
Arts in Therapy
Creative Art Therapies 1
Creative Art Therapies 2
Color Therapy - Color Therapy. How Do Colors Affect The Way We Feel?
Cunningham Dax Collection of Psychiatric Art - This web site is part of ongoing efforts to encourage the public to view the material, to give a better understanding of psychiatric illness,
Daniel R. Leopold's Creative Arts Therapies Site   - Contains numerous links to various art therapies, job opportunities, cyberjournal, and transcripts from previous chats. Also includes java chat program.
Emotionality & Colour-Relatedness in the Stroop Effect - Further Analysis of the Stroop Effect. Heather L. Hoover, David E. Kuck, Jonathan Q. Manalo, & Michael C. Mattingly University of Florida Abstract This experiment set out to test the effects of emotionality and color
Empirical Studies of the Arts
Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education
Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy
Institute for Psychological Study of the Arts - Home of PSYART, the journal and the forum.
International Arts Medicine Association - Promotes the interrelationship of the arts and medicine internationally. Includes organization information and related site links
National Coalition of Arts Therapies - Art , dance , drama , group psychotherapy, psychodrama and poetry therapy
Updated Northern Ireland Group for Art as Therapy
Original Inked Art and Digital Art
PSYART Journal Masthead
Psychology of Colour
Psychology - Colour Illusions
Prinzhorn Collection - Heidelberg, Germany - Works of art created by mentally ill patients
Survivors Art Foundation - Dedicated to healing through the art and assisted survivors of trauma related issues.
The Arts in Victorian Britain
The British Association of Arts & Therapy
Vicky Barber's Art Therapy Page - Offers an opportunity to explore intense or painful thoughts and feelings.
Wismed: The Savant Syndrome: Islands of Genius


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