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   Behavioristic Psychotherapy - That type of psychotherapy that seeks to change abnormal or maladaptive behavior patterns by the use of extinction and inhibitory processes and/or positive and negative reinforces in classical and operant conditioning situations.

ABA’s Behaviour Analysis FTP Site - This a site has a lot to offer anyone interested in the field.



Behavior Analysis Archive at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Behavior Analysis Resources
Behaviorism As A Learning Theory
Behaviour Analysis Page

Biography by Dr.  C. G. Boeree

Behaviour On-Line

Theorists of Behaviorism

Behaviour Therapy
Behavioural Temperaments    
Behaviorists for Social Responsibility.


B.F. Skinner Foundation - Manages Skinner's literary estate, and publishes significant literary and scientific works in the analysis of behaviour. Site includes information about Skinner, his work, and life.
Cambridge Centre for Behavioural Studies
Classical Conditioning

Skinner Box - A debunking of the story that Skinner raised his daughter in a box.
Skinner's Defense of Behaviorism, Classic Works, Animal Learning Theory, and Utopian Societies
Books, Journals and Other Information
Behavioral Terminology
B.F. Skinner - Operant Conditioning - QuickTime video clip of Skinner discussing his theory
Conditioned Emotional Reactions - By Watson and Rayner
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