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   Dance Psychotherapy - The use of the physical and esthetic aspects of dance as a therapeutic technique.

American Dance Therapy Association - Works to establish and maintain high standards of professional education and competence in the field of dance/movement therapy Mime
American Dance Therapy Association - Stimulates communication among dance/movement therapists and members of allied professions through publication of the ADTA Newsletter
Creative Arts Therapies - Section on Dance Theraphy
Dancing the Core Conditions - Using Circle Dance to explore and experience Carl Rogers' counselling 'core conditions of empathy, unconditional regard
Interactive Theatre Events Online
International Institute for Dance Therapy IIDT
Japan Dance Therapy Association - Develop communication among dance therapists and the people concerned with dance therapy
Rudolf Nureyev Foundation - A Medical Web Site - Rudolf Nureyev foundation medical web site dedicated to the health of dancers. Anatomy, physiology, injuries, dance medicine


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