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   Psychotherapy - In the most inclusive sense, the use of absolutely any technique or procedure that has a palliative or curative effects upon any mental, emotional or behavioral disorder

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About Psychotherapy
About Psychoanalysis - New England Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies. History, definition, how to find a psychoanalyst.
Abuse of Patients by Psychotherapists - Checklist and discussion forum to raise consciousness and provide support for psychotherapy patients/clients and those contemplating psychotherapy
American Academy of Psychoanalysis
Analysts and Therapists - By James Heartfield, London.
Angela Molnos - A Psychotherapist's Harvest: A to Z of Clinical Practice.
Association of Therapeutic Communities. Notes for a Proposal to the Diana Memorial Fund for the Development of a UK-Wide Quality Network Therapeutic Communities - Proposal to the Diana Memorial Fund for the Development of a UK-Wide Quality Network of Therapeutic Communities
Attachment Research Centre - Articles on John Bowlby and attachment theory and applications to psychotherapy practice.
BehaveNet® Clinical Capsule: Systemic Therapy - systemic therapy This term systemic therapy often is used to refer to the Milan model of family therapy, but also is frequently used with a much wider meaning
Body Psychotherapy - Welcome to the E.A.B.P. Website
British Autogenic Society - Autogenic Therapy is a powerful and comprehensive therapeutic system encompassing both mind and body. AT teaches skills enabling clients to utilise their own capacity for self-healing and self-development.
Center for Integrative Psychotherapy
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
Centre for Multimodal Therapy


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