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   Music Psychotherapy - In the most inclusive sense, the use of absolutely any technique, in this cae music, or procedure that has a palliative or curative effects upon any mental, emotional or behavioral disorder.

Absolute Pitch on the Internet- Clearinghouse for information and reports regarding the musical and psychological.

music therapy

American Music Therapy Association
Canadian Association for Music Therapy -Information on history, statistics, announcements, job openings, etc.
Drumming About You - Array of drums and percussion for team building and therapy


Elizabeth Stefanko - Effects of Music on Children - Bed time songs and lullabies help your child's brain development. It had been realised centuries ago and the mother's songs and lullabies, especially during the first two years of age.
Expressive Therapies & Conference - An organization dedicated to the creative arts therapies - music, dance, art, poetry, drama, psychodrama and related disciplines. Workshop listings, national conference, internships, and article on Biofeedback & Music Therapy
Healthy Sounds - Directed by Music Therapist, Barry Bernstein and promotes wellness and teamwork through drumming.
Music Therapy - Music Therapy Music has been used since the beginning of time to communicate and express feelings. Music therapy unites the fields of music and therapy to provide a creative treatment and medium. More specifically, music therapy combines music modalities
Music Therapy Info Link - A place to gather information, help open the lines of communication and networking, and educate the public about the field of music therapy.
National Association for Music Therapy
REI Institute - A MusicMedicine research organization and therapy provider focusing on the effects of musical rhythm on the central nervous system.
Society for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education - Society for Research in Psychology of Music and Music Education Psychology of Music (journal) Aims of the society Meetings
New The Effects of Music and the Brain
New The Effects of Music on the Mind
Psychology of Sound and Music
University of Sheffield - Centre for Research into Music Performance and Perception - aims to coordinate, consolidate, and stimulate research in music performance and perception.


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