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   Personal Construct Psychotherapy - Personal construct the central concept in George Kelly's theory of personality. It is a covered term for each of the ways in which a person attempts to perceive, understand, predict and control the world. A Cognitive Theory of Personality.

Allan Turner's Person Centred Web Site - The only Person-Centred Approach/Client-Centred Therapy resource site in Britain [yet], with links and information to other parts of the world'. Includes a list of UK person-centred counsellors, and info on training. Allan Turner is a counsellor and supervisor in Milton Keynes G Kelly
Kelly's Geometry of Psychological Space - Provides a historic overview of Kelly's work and its links to cognitive psychological and intensional logic.
Personal Construct Psychotherapy - The University of Barcelona (Spanish)
Personal Construct Psychotherapy - The University of Wollongong
Personal Construct Psychology
Person-Centered International

George Kelley - 1905 -

Biography by Dr.  C. G. Boeree


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