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   Primal Psychotherapy - A form of therapy based upon the theory of Auther Janov. The procedure consists basically of an intense therapeutic interaction between client and therapist focused on a single goal.

An Eclectic Approach to Primal Integration - By Michael S. Broder

Primal Scream

How I Built my Home Primal Room
Help Me---I'm Tired of Feeling Bad - New techniques in depth psychotherapy. It is divided into two parts. Part one introduces Depth therapy, including the use of touch and holding. Part two discusses the feeling-oriented management of serious emotional pain and stress.. Paul Vereshack, M.D.
London Association of Primal Psychotherapists
Primal Center of Dr. Arthur Janov
Primal Institute of Los Angeles
Primal Parenting
Primal Primer & FAQ
Primal Psychotherapy
Primal Psychotherapy Page
Primal Psychotherapy - Regression Therapy
Primal Spirit - Exploring the Interrelation Between Early Experience, Spirituality, Culture, Current Events, and Metaphysics
Primal Therapy Centre of BC Canada - Primal Center in British Columbia, Canada. Related Sites. Primal Psychotherapy Page by John Speyrer. Best information Website about Primal and Regression
Books, Journals and Information
Articles from the Primal Feelings Newsletter
Primal Primer by Gordon Van Rooy
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