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Social Psychology (II)


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   Social Psychology - The Branch of psychology that concentrates on any and all aspects of human behavior that involve persons and their relationships to other persons, groups, social institutions and to society as a whole.

Self Esteem Home Page  Our purpose is to connect organizations and people whose vision & values enhance self-esteem.   2/5


Social Cognition Paper Archive and Information Centre 2/5
Social Issues Cross-Cultural Psychology - This division focuses on all areas of social psychology and is concerned with social, cross-cultural, cross-ethnic and multicultural topics of interest. Among this division's activities ar those of promoting and encouraging research, organizing and holding lectures, symposia and conferences, as well as co-sponsoring meetings with other divisions on topics pertinent to the focus of this division. 3/5
Social Psychology Research - The social sciences are dedicated to understanding the human condition, ideally to the extent that the singular and collective behaviors of human beings can be understood and even predicted. Though their goals are identical in the abstract, these "sciences" differ in terms of their way of looking at things, the questions they ask, the methods they use in addressing these questions, and what they do with this information once they obtain it.  4/5
SocioSite - Aging & Agism  3/5
Stereotypes - Dedicated to helping you understand yourself & others Personality types that function, hold jobs, socialize, but make life tough for themselves, family, friends, employers, teammates, & acquaintances. From   3/5
Stockholm Syndrome - is a leader in the industry involving stockholm syndrome.   Whether you are looking for information specifically on stockholm syndrome, or indirectly related to stockholm syndrome, may have the answers you are looking for.  To view the homepage click here.  3/5
Subliminal Advertising - Examples from magazines and books etc. 3/5
The Kenneth B. Clark Center for the Study of Violence in Communities  4/5
The Role of Physical Attractiveness in Society has been well-documented - This bias for beauty is also e Neuropsychological Impact of Facial Deformities in Children Neurodevelopmental Role of the Face in Communication and Bonding Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D  3/5
The Theory of Mirror and Matching - Sylabus notes.  2/5
The World Sex Guide - Researching Protitution Around the World - Prostitution, prostitutes the sex industry Warning this site covers sexual matters in depth, if you are easily offended by such material do not enter. 3/5

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Books, Journals and Information
Current Research in Social Psychology. - The full text of past and current editions of the peer reviewed Journal details all aspects of research in Social Psychology.


Dominant Themes in `Classic´ Models of Crowd Behaviour.
Group Processes and Intergroup Relations - Journal
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology - Editorial Board. Instructions for Authors. Electronic Submission. Licensed Users.
Primer of Practical Persuasion and Influence
Social Psychology - Social Cognition Research Papers
Social Psychology - Social Cognition Research Papers.
Tutorials in Social Psychology
Welcome to the Lecture on Attribution Theory - It is always a good idea to go over the answers to your last exam. ATTRIBUTIONS To make an attribution is to determine a cause for something. ATTRIBUTION THEORY is the theory of how people explain the causes
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Books, Articles, Journals and other Information
About Psychology of Love - Reviews of schools of psychological theories and research on love. 3/5
Ageism - Technology and the Older Learner Clicking in the Nineties Dick Carlson Woodring College of Education Western Washington University May 12, 2022 Ageism "Ageism can be seen as a systematic stereotyping of and discrimination against people because they are old. 2/5
Altruism vs. Selfishness   3/5
Attribution Theory - ATTRIBUTION THEORY One of the most amazing features of human beings is this: They can explain anything. Maybe it comes from the fact that we are parents and our children keep asking us, "Why?" And as older, superior beings.  3/5
Attribution Theory Overview - Name of Theory: Attribution Theory 2. Originator(s) and Professional Background: Attribution theory was developed overtime from the theories of Fritz Heider, Edward Jones, Keith Davis, and Harold Kelley. All were social psychologists. 4/5
Attachment Measurements - Measurements for both child- and adult-attachment studies. 3/5
Basic and Applied Social Psychology - Scientific journal that publishes research articles, literature reviews etc. The journal is based on the belief that social psychologists can have a part in the understanding and solution of many social problems. Thus publishes basic research in areas of social psychology that can be applied to societal problems as well as direct applications of social psychology to those problems.  4/5
Catholic Encyclopedia: ALTRUISM  3/5
Culture of Androgeny 2/5
Cultural Perspectives On Child Rearing  3/5
Current Research in Social Psychology - An electronic journal  3/5
Definition of Social Theory  2/5
Do You Suffer from Road Rage? - WWW.STRESSCHECK.COM Your FREE Stress Check Other Stress Checks Anger and Hostility Being Pushed Around or Bullied Commuting and Travel Pressure Losing Your Job Money Problems Phone and I.T. Rage Pressure at Work Relationship Breakups and Bereavement Road.  2/5
Dr. Harley's Q Column - Physical Attractiveness - Answers and Questions. 2/5
Educated Groups of Control - Power Syndrome 2/5
Excavating the Cultural Construction of Personhood - Excavating the Cultural Construction of Personhood Greg Nixon -- Prescott College I: Personhood and Culture There are no doubt those who would extend the discussion of personhood into the realms of uncultivated nature or beyond Earth where it may be.  2/5
Five-Factor Model  - The five-factor model is a theory stating that personality is composed of five primary dimensions. These are: (1)extraversion, (2)agreeableness, (3)conscientiousness, (4)neuroticism, and (5)openess. This theory was developed using factor-analyses of ratings of the terms people use to describe personality characteristics. The following links lead to two different representations of articles on this five-factor model.   2/5
Habituation - Multiple Time Scales in Simple Habituation Psychological Review (1996), 103, 720-733 J. E. R. Staddon and J. J. Higa Duke University Abstract Habituation is the waning of a reflex response to repeated stimulation. 3/5
Interpersonal Theory 2/5
Love and Evolution [Robin Allott] 3/5
Modelling Altruism and Spite - Published in Review of Economic Dynamics, 1:593-622, 1998 Full Text Modeling Altruism and Spitefulness in Experiments David K. Levine January 12, 2022 revised: November 17, 2021 Abstract: We examine a simple theory of altruism.  3/5
Objectivism In-Brief: Altruism  3/5
Platos Criticism of Democracy 3/5
Racism: It's not Just about Attitudes! 3/5
Roots of Racism  3/5
Serge Moscovici. Social Representations Theory and Social Constructionism - A posting.   2/5
Selfishness and Altruism - Selfishness and Altruism The vast majority of behaviors that are exhibited by animals have been selected because they increase an individual's fitness, i.e. the ability to leave a greater number of offspring than other individuals of the species.  3/5
Sexual Selection, Physical Attractiveness, and Facial Neoteny: Cross-Cultural Evidence and Implications - Doug Jones Sexual selection, physical attractiveness, and facial neoteny: cross-cultural evidence and implications: Bibliographical Excerpts "The evolution of modern Homo sapiens over the past 100,000 years has been marked by a trend toward increasingly ...2/5
Social Construction of Gender - Current thought in sociology draws a distinction between sex and gender. 2/5
Social Construction of Gender: Historically Changing Meanings of (White) Feminity and Masculinity - The critical art journal. 3/5
Social Identity Theory: A Feminist Deconstruction. 1/5
Social Identity Theory  2/5
Social Psychology at ANU  -  Social Identity Page   3/5
Superstitious Behavior - Superstitious behavior Superstitious behavior arises when the delivery of a reinforcer or punisher occurs close together in time (temporal contiguity) with an independent behavior. Therefore, the behavior is accidentally reinforced or punished, increasing ... 2/5


Superstitious Behavior: the Cause and Cure - The broken mirror with its bad luck, the ladder, or the black cat. How did all these items acquire significance in our society? Why do you cross your fingers when awaiting the answer to an uncertain situations.  2/5
The Biology of Gender Roles - The Biology of Gender Roles Introduction Sociobiologists believe human behavior has developed through evolution in the same manner that physical characteristics have. 3/5
The Effects of Prostitution - Katherine M. DePasquale. What image appears in your mind when you hear the word " prostitute "? Take a minute to visualize it. What does that word mean... 3/5
The Measurement of Psychological Androgyny Sandra L Bem (1974)   3/5
The Social Adjustment and Aggression Status of Children Based on Gender Roles 3/5



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