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   Psychology Tests - Not to be taken too seriously !!!!

Electronic PSI Test - Test if you have paranormal abilities. Find the card with the circle. Cards are shuffled once a week.
Emotional Intelligence - From the UTNE Reader Online
Fun - Attitude / Personality Test
Fun - Depression
Fun - IQ Test
Funny Psychology Tests - While You're Driving.. At Karaoke room.. At Fantastic Camp.. The things around & your lover and friend.. Your Possibility of Love .. Which type of love are you waiting for..? The Way to be a good lover and more.
A Fun Zone - Archive of free puzzles, games, brainteasers, quizzes and IQ tests.
How Defective is your Brain
New Intelligence Tests, High IQ Societies, Puzzles & Games
Kingdomality - What is your medieval vocational personality
Life's Financial Concerns - Personality Test from Prudential Securities
Life Expectancy Test - Plus many more tests
NookieMonster Personality Tests - Personality tests based on Astrology (Zodiac, Elements, and Planets), Numerology, and Jungian personality types
One Minute Freaky Psychology Test - This one minute psychological test is guaranteed to freak you out
Personality Tests - Just for fun
Pompatus of Love Personality Test
The Room - Enter the room and your personality will be revealed
Quiz Stop - A new site for a "sliding" type of quiz on many topics, including love, personality, the Myers-Briggs, etc.
University of Life  - Fun, serious and unusual tests!


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