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   On-Line Tests - A variety of tests that can be completed on-line.

Anxiety Test - A Free Online Anxiety Test   - Standardized with reliability and validity data on the site.
Are You Unique? - This  test determines your need-for-uniqueness scale based on a 1970s test.
Communication Skills Test - Standardized On-line scored test assessing the person's level of communication skills
Fudjack - Dinkelacker Functional Preferences Instrument - 33-question indicator for identifying MBTI 'preference orders'. Permits non-traditional orders (such as 'F-T-N-S'), utilizing a theory that discerns 5 levels of development for each function
Jealousy Test by Cyberia Shrink - Free standardized online-scored Jealousy tests designed by Cyberia Shrink
Ink Blot Test
Need for Uniqueness - This psychology test determines your need-for-uniquness scale based on a 1970s test
On-Line Handwriting Analysis
Online Psychology Tests Quizzes - Quiz/Test Yourself for Love, E-IQ, Sex
On-Line Tests
Psychological Test - Choose a shape to determine what kind of personality you have.
Personality Profile TEST
Personality Tests - A battery of Free original personality tests
Personality Type Indicator
Tests - A collection of personality, intelligence, and lifestyle tests.
VALS Interactive Server - Consumer values and attitudes questionnaire that classifies you into one of eight lifestyle groups. Results can be viewed comparatively with known lifestyle segments in the U.S
What's Your E-IQ? - Body, Mind & Spirit.


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