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   Psychological Survey & Research Software - A data collection technique utilizing form completion or direct interviews ang general software designed to aid research methodology.

ATP - An independent consultancy that specialises in solving problems in the area of Survey Data Processing and Information Technology. The services we offer include: Set up and hosting of your surveys on the web. Consultancy and training in the use of.
Create & Conduct Online Research - This is a free download software package.
Psychological Assessment and Computer Telephony Solutions - My site includes information about software programs that facilitate the collection and analysis of data generated by psychological tests and surveys. Scorasis scores and analyzes data that is generated from optical mark scanners. IVR Test & Survey.
SDA: Survey Documentation & Analysis - Search several data archives which allow you to make/download your own subsets, etc.
Survey Shops - Information on conducting surveys and resources
Survey Size Calculation - Help for determining the size of a survey sample
The Sociometric Analysis of Groups - Professional program for sociometric analysis.
World Wide Web Survey Assistant - Software for Internet Surveys & Tests

Also See Survey Information

Research Software
Designing Clinical Trials Online Power Analysis
Javascript Tool for Exploring Typological Space - Demonstrates how MBTI and Enneagram types comprise a typological 'space' through which one can travel by making changes in a small set of personality variables

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