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   Sports Psychology - A sub-discipline of psychology which concentrates on sports and performance enhancement.   

American College of Sports Medicine - Promotes scientific research, education, and practical applications of sports medicine.  4/5

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Association of Sports Psychology - German Sport Psychology Site.  3/5
Becoming a Sport Psychologist - From the APA Divison 46.  4/5
Enhanced Performance Systems - Dedicated to helping individuals and organizations accomplish their missions, goals, and objectives, through a better matching of their talents and abilities to the demands of their performance arena. 3/5
Mind plus Muscle - Sports psychology, mental training and hypnosis programs to increase motivation and fitness, aid weight loss, psyche up and rehabilitate injury. Free tips.  3/5

National Sports Medicine Institute of the UK    3/5
Parkland College - Illinois college outlines its sports psychology course, registration process and FAQs. With hints for enhancing your performance. Academic course details, but with some links.  3/5
Potentium Coaching Network - From the University of Ottawa answer coaching questions, and offer references, a newsletter and directory.   3/5


Psychwatch - Sport Psychology Page - Sport Psychology Resources This page is intended to provide information that is both directly and indirectly related to the field of Sport Psychology. 3/5


Research Areas in Sport Psychology - Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Cycling-walking-race walking-running Environment: Lab-field Monitoring of exercise intensity Impact of psychological factors on RPE Physical exercise Impact on mood, cognitive perf. on the elderly Impact. 3/5


Research Group in Sport Psychology - The Sport Psychology Research Group at Stockholm University Peter Hassmén, Ph.D. 3/5
The Psychology of Sports - Dr. Richard Lustberg  4/5
Sport Competition Anxiety Test - An on-line test. 3/5
Sports & Exercise Psychology Resources  3/5
Sports Psycholgy - Dr. A Goldberg’s workshops and individual consultations for developing mental toughness, slump busting, avoiding psych-outs, handling pressure, and developing championship concentration and the mind of a winner. 3/5
Sports Psychologists Society - English/German   4/5
Sports Psychology: Dr. Natalie Newton - Newton Performance Programs. - is dedicated to providing you with resources to improve your play ability, understanding, and enjoyment of sports. Find experts to help with your mental game, read advice from sports psychology experts and athletes, and enjoy reviews of the best sports books.  4/5
Sports Science - A execellent list of articles, links and journals. 4/5
SportsPsych - A General Sports Psychology Website. 3/5
The Mental Edge - Sports Psychology - Welcome to the Mental Edge! Sport psychology is an emerging field in the worlds of psychology and athletics. For many elite-level, professional, recreational, and even youth athletes, successful performances, cannot simply be reduced to superior physical performance.   3/5
Toronto SEMI - Sports & Exercise Medicine Institute  3/5

Books, Articles, Journals and other Information


Articles on Sport Psychology - Selected articles from theSport Psychology Research Groupat Stockholm University Hassmén, P. (1990). Perceptual and physiological responses to cycling and running in groups of trained and untrained subjects. European Journal of Applied Physiology.  4/5


Exercise Addiction - When more Is Less - When more Is less by Richard Benyo In 1980, at the height of Running Revolution I, it was as common as shoelaces to hear this statement: "Running is wonderful. Running means everything to me. I'm gonna run for the rest of my life!"  3/5
Getting Into Sport Psychology   2/5


Sport Psychology E-Zine - The Free On-Line E-Zine of the Sierra Center for Peak Performance. 3/5
Sports Parents: Sibling Rivalry - An article from sports parenting. 2/5
Sports Science: Your Mind Can Help Your Body Work - Article about attitude and athletic performance.
Sports Statistics - From the American Statistical Association.  3/5
Sprague Sports Psychology - Autogenic Training Exercise - Example of an autogenic training regime that you can use to increase your relaxation and a sense of calm, prior to your performance, or at anytime that you are feeling "stressed out".  3/5


TOPICS IN SPORT - Sport Psychology - You are looking for articles on training programs, technology and/or psychology related to different sports
TotalNews Sports Psychology - Brings a summary of articles with hyperlinks on the net related to Sports Psychology, 2/5

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