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   Psychologist - One who is recognised to undertake any of a number of professional duties e.g. clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist etc.

A Career in Psychology

I want a career in psychology? How do you become a psychologist? Well, to answer these questions from a truly international perspective is extremely difficult. In many cases to become a "registered", "chartered", "professional", psychologist depends up what country you live in and your method of study. Many countries, even though bi-lateral agreements may exist, have differing educational and professional experience requirements.

In the USA psychologists, who wish to practice clinical, counselling or educational psychology usually require a Ph.D. in their chosen specialty. A minimum period of practical experience ( internship ) and licensure or certification from a State Registration Board. Also the qualification you hold must be from a university or college that holds accreditation from one of the U.S. Department of Education regional accrediting organizations. And finally, the course you completed must be recognized, not in all cases though, by the American Psychological Association (APA).

In the United Kingdom the picture is slightly different. Clinical Psychologists require "Chartered" status which is usually gained by completing a British Psychological Society (BPS) recognized Masters degree at approved academic institution.

Ignoring the obvious difference between the two recognition processes the advantage of the American system is that its approach is extremely flexible whereas the UK progression path is fixed and inflexible.

From these examples you can now understand why careers in psychology have to start by observing the requirements of the country in which you live. Therefore your first port of call should be the appropriate professional body for psychology in your country. Refer here to PsychNet-UK’s Professional Bodies Page. If you intend qualifying as a psychologist outside the country you eventually wish to practice in, ensure that your qualifications will be are accepted on your return.

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