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A Guide to Psychology and its Practice - This guide to psychology and its practice contains "everything you always wondered about Psychology and never knew whom to ask." Dr. Richmond provides descriptions of many mental disorders and phobias, treatment methods, and even insurance issues. He also offers self-help advice and links to related sites.
British Psychological Society: Careers in Psychology
A Career Advantage - Stressed out with your career? is a great way to alleviate your concerns and uncertainties. This site provides excellent advice on the type of work you prefer to do.
Career Center and Internet Resources for Psychology Majors - Career Center Library Resources Books Specifically Related to Psychology Majors Books of General Interest to Liberal Arts Majors Vocational Biographies Professional Associations Internet
Careers Guidance Assessments -- Assistance in your Career Choice using Personality, Psychology, Psychometrics, Vocational Questionnaires
Careers in Psychology - Many students, when they first choose to major in psychology, express an interest in "helping people". However, after further exposure to the science of psychology and the many subfields involved in the study of human behavior.
Career Paths in Psychology: Articles - Articles discussing training and career paths of people with various degrees in psychology.
Career Paths and Jobs: Statistics - Surveys studies of job categories, time taken to locate jobs, and salaries for people with different degrees in the field of psychology.
Career Theories - Sociological and socioeconomic systems. Societal circumstance and factors
Psychology Club - Yahoo! Club for psychology students


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