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General Information on Distance Degrees 
Accredited Distance Learning Schools
Accredited Learning University Degrees -Find every college offering distance education degree programs in seconds. Accredited Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, and PhDs available via distance learning.
British Association for Open Learning - Exists to promote quality in open, flexible, and distance forms of learning.
Channel 4000 - Distance Education - A Minnesotan's Guide Both to Four-year Schools, and Adult and Continuing Education.
College Degrees - Welcome To: The Best Search Site for Colleges and Universities! Wow! A Distance Learning Search!
Council for Higher Education Accreditation - Nonprofit group of colleges and universities. Site lists most recognized accrediting agencies
Distance Education in Mental Health - Mental Health distance courses
Distance Education Clearing House
Distance Education Mall
Distance Education Resources EDU2
Distance Learning at a Glance - Comprehensive overview of various topics of concern in distance education.
Distance Learning Centre, The - For access to higher education in social science and health studies.
Globewide Network Academy - Distance learning course database
GNA Distance Learning Catalogue
Distance Learning Degrees - You now have a huge variety of accredited distance learning degrees
Distance Learning on the Net- By Glenn Hoyle.
EDTECH - Distance Education Clearinghouse - Distance Education Clearinghouse Michele Jacques
European Association of Distance Teaching Universities. Gopher connection.
FAQ Distance Learning - Find those answers to your questions on distance learning
International Centre for Distance Learning
Journal of Library Services for Distance Education - Dealing with provision of library support to students enrolled in post-secondary distance education programs.
Psychoanalytic Studies (Distance Education) - Offered by the University of Sheffield


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