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A Critique of Eysenck's Theory of Personality - Theory of Personality Gray's critique of Eysenck's PEN model points out both the weaknesses and strengths of Eysenck's theory and methods

Hans Eysenck

Eysenck - Hans J Eysenck H. J. Eysenck approaches to personality this century method is factor analysis. In his origin model (EPI) Eysenck measured two dimensions of personality Intoversion-extraversion and neuroticsim (stability - instability).
Eysenck Gray - Comparing the Personality Theories of Eysenck Gray Eysenck developed a factor theory of personality where the factors comprised a biological basis of personality
Eysenck's Theory - Eysenck gives 14 criteria that are necessary for an idea in personality theory to be considered a paradigm, stating that is has to be the following: (Taxonomic Criteria) Theory-based, and covering a wide field
Hans Eysenck - HANS EYSENCK (1916 - 1997) (AND OTHER TEMPERAMENT THEORISTS) Dr. C. George Boeree The issue of personality types, including temperament, is as old as psychology. In fact, it is a good deal older
Hans Eysenck Links - Effects of Psychotherapy: Eysenck's classic review paper An Online Introversion-Extraversion Test
The H. J. Eysenck Official Home Page - The H. J. Eysenck Official Home Page Professor Hans Eysenck Ph.D. D.Sc. 4th March 1916 - 4th September 1997 The H. J. Eysenck Memorial Fund Annual Scholarships Personality Investigations Publications and Services H. J. Eysenck Book List Anecdotes Symposia
The Psychoticism-Extraversion-Neuroticism (PEN) Model


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