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   History of Psychology - For those interested in the history of psychology, as a means accessing the subject as a science, or for general interest the following links are highly recommended.

A Brief History of the Creation and Evolution of the Communicative Approach to Psychotherapy



A Short History of the Lobotomy

A Short History of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis
Barnard College Psychology Department: History of Psychology Collection
Biography on the History of Psychiatry and Madness
Brief History of the Lobotomy
Canadian Psychological Association, History & Philosophy of Psychology Section
Cherion - The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Chronology of Psychology
Classics in the History of Psychology
Classics in the History of Psychology -- Jastrow (1935)
Descartes: Discourse
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind - Functionalism
Eclecticism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) - Is a name given to a group of ancient philosophers who, from the existing philosophical beliefs, tried to select the doctrines that seemed to them most reasonable, and out of these constructed a new system
Emile Durkheim Functionalism
Fondarosa - Authorized mirror of a site developed by Marc Fonda that includes his contributions on Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and William James.
Folk Psychology as a Theory
Founders of Neurology Brief biographies of dozens of significant contributors to the study of the brain and nervous system, housed at the Department of Neuology, University of Illinois, Chicago.
Functionalism, Causation, and Causal Relevance
Headlines Pages -  Which provide a history of important events related to psychology from 1650 through 1959 and links to related sites. 
Historic Asylums
History of Cognitive Psychology

History of Mental Institutions
History of Philosophy and Psychology - Web Resouces
History of Psychiatry Studies Alpha Academic
Historical Psychology Board - History of Psychology and related topics, such as annales, psychohistory, social anthropology or archaeology.
History of Psychology Headlines 1950-59
History of Psychology - Published by the American Psychological Association for its Division of the History of Psychology.
History of Psychology and Philosophy — Dr. John A. Allen, at George Mason University, offers one of the largest collection of links to web pages devoted to psychologists and philosophers you will find anywhere on the web.
History of Psychology Timeline - In English and Portuguese
History of Psychology Quiz, by
Lifschitz Virtual Psychology Museum - "Exhibits" on the history of psychology feature leading figures as well as humor.
Medical History on the Internet
Mental Health (History) Dictionary
Mental Health History - The mentally ill have been victims of society´s ignorance and fear. Once believed to be possessed by demons, the mentally ill were treated with tribal magic and portions and forced to endure excruciating .......
Mind & Body Descartes to James Williams  - Resources to support an undergraduate course on the history of psychology
Operant Conditioning and Behaviorism  -   A Historical Outline
Psychology as the Behaviorist Views it -  Watson
Psychology Theorists: Functionalism
Sabbatini, R.M.E.: Lobotomy's Hall of Fam
The Ancients: Theories and Therapies for Psychopathology
The Gustav Mahler Virtual Shrine - Achieved in his short life an unprecedented synthesis of music, philosophy, psychology, and experience, in the process leaving us a legacy that is every bit as timely and wonderful today

History of Mental Illness

The History of Mental Illness and its Treatment
The History of Psychology
The History of Shock Therapy in Psychiatry
Theorists & Practitioners - Intelligence
The Psychology of Folk Psychology
The Social Learning Theory of Julian B. Rotter


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