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   Virtual Reality - Applying computer simulations or virtual reality principles to psychological problems.


C.A.M.P. Publications - Center for Advanced Multimedia Psychotherapy (CAMP) The Center for Advanced Multimedia Psychotherapy is one of five sites nationwide offering "Virtual Reality" therapy for fear of flying. 3/5

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Center For Advanced Multimedia Psychotherapy - CAMP currently uses virtual reality exposure therapy in combination with physiological feedback to treat fear of flying, fear of driving, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, social phobia, and driving deficits.  In addition, multimedia physiological systems are used to treat arachnophobia, physiological disorders, and stress-related disorders such as headache, hypertension, chronic pain, Raynaud's disease, TMJ disorder, and attention-deficit disorder.   3/5
Exposure Therapy in VR - Phobics typically panic or become anxious when they encounter the object or situation that makes them afraid, even though they know the object or situation (e.g., a small house spider) is not that dangerous. Such unrealistic or excessive fears of objects or situations is a psychological disorder that can makes life miserable for years3/5


General VR Bibliography - General VR Bibliography (1996). VR in industrial training. VR News, 5(9), 23-26. (1996). VR in education. VR News, 5(6), 31-34. (1997).  Virtual Reality in Medicine.  3/5


Psychiatric Times - Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Effective for Patients With Specific Phobias by Arline Kaplan Psychiatric Times May 2000 Vol. XVII Issue 5 Patients afraid of flying are responding favorably to virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) in clinical trial
Simulator Sickness in Virtual Environments - From the Technical Repository of the US Army Research Institute.  3/5
The KidsRoom - Designed in the spirit of Peter Pan, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Where the Wild Things Are, the KidsRoom was a fully-automated, interactive narrative playspace for children. MIT Media Laboratory.    4/5
UM Acrophobia Virtual Environment -- Eng 477 Final Report - PsychVR Welcome to the homepage for PSYCHVR - Virtual reality projects in psychiatry at the University of Michigan. This page summarizes some of the research we are doing as well as the work done in conjuction with the Virtual Reality course Eng477. 3/5
Virtual Reality & Intelligent Tutoring Systems - The Virtual Reality Project - Load of information on VR.   3/5
Virtual Reality Resource Guide - It is a world where the participants become the actors, interacting with friends and strangers in photo realistic environments. Just as the movies were initially viewed as a gimmick, immersive VR entertainment centers are the next big evolution in out of home entertainment. This is the promise of Atlantis Cyberspace. 4/5
Software - Virtual Reality (VR)
Shareware, Freeware VR Software 1 - Requires User Name and Password. 
Shareware, Freeware VR Software 2 - Requires User Name and Password. 
Shareware, Freeware VR Software Anonymous FTP connection - Requires User Name and Password. 
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