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Autism Unschool Tribe - This is a ring of sites relating to "unschooling" children on the autism spectrum. Unschooling refers to "child-led" learning.

The web

AutiRing - AutiRing is nothing more, nothing less than a collection of homepages of normal, everyday people - people who either have an autistic type condition or are related to someone who does. The purpose of AutiRing is simply to establish an informal community of people dealing with autism on the internet.
Christian Panic Disorder Webring
Hypnotherapy Webring : Home Page - Members of the International Registry of Professional Hypnotherapists are eligible to apply to have their websites included in the Hypnotherapy Webring
MoodRings - A web ring containing personal and academic information on mood disorder
PDDNOS Connections - This Webring is designed to help people find useful information about Autism/PDD-NOS. Topics include a definition of autism, Pervasive Development Disorder, and related resources. This Webring is helpful for anyone living with, or trying to understand a child with PDD-NOS.
Speech Therapy - Speech Therapy, Speech Therapists (SLPs) and their patients. Resources of interest to those groups. Aphasia (aphasic patients), CVA,TBI, CHI.
The Hatchery - A website for Christians with panic/anxiety disorders. All are welcome. Includes an e-mail list, bulletin board, chat room, pen pals, and more.
The Tourette Syndrome Chapter Webring - This ring is for all official Tourette Syndrome organization homepages and quality personal Tourette Syndrome information pages.