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Because of its astonishing growth from 23,000 commercial sites at the end of 1995 to nearly 900,000,000 approximate commercial sites by the end of 2008, the World Wide Web has become an important market for advertising and conveying important information about your company.

The figures commonly offered regarding the number of people using the Internet is between 60 and over 200 million, for the UK this currently stands at 45Million people. If this is the case, the Internet is the cheapest way to reach an incredible number of people. With minimal expenditure, your company's product or services can be offered to more people than traditional methods, including radio and even television.

We achieved a site access record for November 2010 of, 3.2 Million Hits (Source Webalizer 2.01)

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The advantages of website advertising

Advantages Web Advertising Journals Direct Mail
Availability 24 Hours/day 24 Hours/day 24 Hours/day
Duration 12 Months One Month One week
Reach 60+ Million Circulation Depends
Interactive Yes No No
Graphics* Unlimited Limited Limited
Colour* Unlimited Spot Only Unlimited
Motion* Yes None None
Reader Contact Continual Month Week
Cost* up to £500 500 - 1000+ 500 - 1000+