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Where PsychNet-UK Mental Health Portal uses external advertisers to support the financing of this web site, these advertisers are clearly indicated. Financing may come from a number of sources:  Banner Advertisements, Sponsorships and fees from professional Index registration. These are all clearly indicated. PsychNet-UK may use advertising banners which are advertised free-of-charge to educational and medical organizations.

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  • PsychNet-UK also reserves the right to reject and advertising applications without explanation.
  • Only Mental Health / Psychology related site will be advertised on PsychNet-UK.
  • Mental Health and Private Mental Health Practices, Suppliers of Equipment, Software etc, are not eligible for Free Linking. If the wish their business to be added to the Psychnet-UK database they only have one option, to take out an advertising option.
  • For registered UK Charities PsychNet-UK offers Free Banner Advertising. Definition of Charity: A UK registered charity which does not charge membership fees, supply's a free and confidential service to its target group and rely's for its existence on charitable donations and fundraising events.
  • Other conditions may apply. Please contact PsychNet-UK to confirm any advertising conditions which may not be clear. PsychNet-UK cannot be held responsible for any advertising misinterpretations formed by the client.