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The PsychNet-UK site ratings range between  1/5  to  5/5   and is based on a numbers of factors, which include, but are not confined to:

  • General design, navigation and graphics

  • Subject relevance, depth and coverage

  • Single or multiple subject content

  • Links to related information

  • Unique information

  • Speed of loading

  • Links from other sites ( using link to analysis  )

  • Extensive Advertising usage

  • Site using Free Web Hosting Services that use extensive pop-up windows for no related advertising are discouraged from applying.

No site is purely reviewed from a content perspective.

Links to articles are all rated at a minimum of 3/5, unless the article is extremely short, then a lower rating may be given, the reason is that we never rate the content of any article and therefore wish to avoid inconsistency. The article is linked to because of its informative content only. If the article is part of a highly rated site, that article may also reflect the overall site rating. See Our Disclaimer Page

Sites that will not be rated are those that appear as an advertising banner, PsychNet-UK sponsor, consulting practices, training organization or software sites.

Site ratings are extremely subjective and are provided to give readers an indication of a potential total search experience only.  Ratings are not open for discussion but at the request of the site concerned the link may be removed completely. To request the removal of a link, email PsychNet-UK.

It must be noted that links to scholarly articles, studies, etc, are not rated and indicated as such: Not Rated

PsychNet-UK will not enter any discussions concerning site ratings and in order not to offend disputed site rating we will have the site link removed without notice.